• Preparing for College: Senior Checklist


    • Set up and meet your Academic Counselor, College Counselor and/or College Consultant
    • Visit your any college and/or universities you may be interested in attending.
    • Review all current academic records to determine if you meet admission and scholarship requirements. Request official copies of your transcript. (Campus Registrar)
    • Register for the SAT and/or ACT if you have not already taken it or if you are not satisfied with your score. SAT www.collegeboard.org or  ACT www.act.org
      • SAT Test Dates 2018/2019                           Registration Deadline
        • August 25, 2018                                   July 27th, 2018
        • October 6, 2018                                   September 7, 2018
        • November 3, 2018                                October 5, 2018
        • December 1, 2018                                November 2, 2018
        • March 9, 2019                                      February 8, 2019
        • May 4, 2019                                         April 5, 2019
        • June 1, 2019                                        May 3, 2019
    • Begin researching and applying for admissions.  Beware of major deadlines!


    • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) will be available as of October 1st.
    • Begin researching and applying for scholarships.  Ask your school counselor, colleges, religious and civic groups about scholarship opportunities.
    • Request personal recommendations from teachers, school counselors, or employers.
    • Finalize your college essay. Many institutions will require that you submit at least one essay with your application.  Always save your essays to a disk for future purposes.
    • Attend College Night on Wednesday, October 5th at UTPB


    • Finalize and send any early decision or early action applications due this month.  The due date is primarily November 1st or December 1st
    • Every college institution will require a copy of your high school transcripts and/or any dual credit transcripts.
    • Make sure all assessment scores have been sent directly to the colleges to which you are applying for. 
    • December 1st & 15th are huge deadlines for the Major Texas Universities such as UT Austin, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor and TCU.
    • Keep track of and observe deadlines for sending in all required fees and necessary paperwork.


    • Acceptance letters and financial aid offers will start to arrive. Review your acceptances, compare financial aid packages, and visit with your family about your final choices.
    • Continue to complete scholarship applications.
    • Narrow down your top four choices to two.  Then schedule another visit with both institutions.  (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT WHEN MAKING A DECISION)
    • Begin your housing application. Remember housing application come with a room deposit so please be sure you are 100% positive on your decision. 
    • Register for Fall Orientation.  Orientation usually occurs in the Summer before Fall classes begin.
      • Orientation will be your opportunity to register for classes, engage in student activities and finalize your financial aid/scholarship offers.
      • Orientation is also an excellent opportunity to meet your future roommate and other students who will be attending the same college.


    • Request for a final high school transcript to be sent to your college choice.
    • Begin preparing a list of items you will need and want for your residence hall.



Last Modified on April 9, 2019