Special Health Needs ~

  • Parents,

    Please inform the school nurse of your child's special needs.  If your child has asthma, diabetes, seizure disorder, hyperactivity, or any other special needs. Please let the nurse know so we can get the necessary paperwork completed as soon as possible to ensure your child's safety at school.  All children with special needs will have an individual health care plan.  This will provide communication between you and the nurse for a plan of care concerning your child's special needs.  Please indicate your child's special needs by filling out the " Health Related Information" form.  If your child has food allergies, please provide a doctor's note stating with the allergy is, I do have a form that you can take with you to your doctor. This food allergy will be communicated to our dietary department and the student's teacher. 




    Meal Modification form


    Peanut or allergy form