Medication Information ~

  • The school nurse and trained staff administers ALL medications-prescribed and over the counter. This includes cough drops. The protocol of administering your child medication is as follows:

    1.  All medications (prescribed or over the counter) will be given by the school nurse or trained staff.

    2.  The PARENT WILL BRING the medication to the nurse's office.  AT NO TIME should the child carry medication to school (this includes over the counter medication). This can be potentially UNSAFE should your child or another student get into the back pack and ingest the medication.  Medication brought by a student WILL NOT be given.

    3. The parent will sign the medication administration sheet with the instructions and times of administration for the medications.

    4.  The medication should have the child's name and instructions from the doctor if prescribed.  If the medication is over the counter, it MUST be age appropriate and have the name of the child written on the bottle where the instructions of the medication is not obstructed.

    5.  Herbal medications, medications from other countries, and narcotics WILL NOT be given.  Cough medications will not be given for more than a week and cold medications will not be given by school staff. 

    6.  If your child has asthma you will also need to have the doctor complete a form providing the nurse with specific instructions reguarding your child's treatment plan.  I have these forms in my office.  These forms will take very little time to complete and will ensure your child's safety and well being.  Any time the doctor makes changes to your child's treatment plan I must be notified in writing from the doctor of that change. 

    7.  All medication MUST be picked up by the last day of school.  Any medications left after the last day of school WILL BE DETROYED.