• Permian High School

    Ms. Fox

    Room V-1

    Phone: (432) 456-2307

    E-mail: zhanae.fox@ectorcountyisd.org


    Conference Time: 2:40p to3:29p Feel free to call anytime

    Tutoring: Tuesday-Thursday 8:00a-8:40a 

    Resource Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry & Math Models




    Course Description


    ü Respect everyone – I will respect you, and I expect the same respect to be shown to myself as well as to your fellow classmates.

    ü Have your materials with you every day and be ready to learn. Please put bags and backpacks under your desk. Clean up the area around you before leaving.

    ü Be punctual. Be in your seat, start working the do-now when the tardy bell rings. 

    ü Be productive. Your effort makes the difference! You are expected to be on task at all times.

     ü Do not bring food, candy or drinks into the room. Only bottled water is permitted (without anything added to it).

    ü Cell phones and other electronic devices must be put away. Cell phones that are out for any reason, in use to talk or text, or cell phones that ring in the classroom will be confiscated.

    Supplies needed every day

    Pencils (all work must be done in pencil)

    1- One subject Wide Ruled Spiral Notebook ( I Provided)

    Colored pens or pencils (for grading)


    Calculator (I Provide)

     Six Weeks Grades

    Major Grades (Test/Project) 50%

    Minor Grades (Hmwk/Assignment/Quiz) 45%

    Student Planner 5%

     *There are mandatory student planner check days, have your student keep up with these!*

     Computer Program


    Quizzes and Tests

    All quizzes and tests will be announced.  If you are absent for a quiz or test, it is your responsibility to make up the quiz/test before or after school. Failing quizzes and tests may be corrected for up to a 75.  Passing quizzes and tests may be corrected for half credit back.  




    The student’s presence in class is crucial. Please remember that learning and improvement cannot occur if the student is not in class. It is the student’s responsibility to make up all missed work and check with me before school to see if any work was collected during the absence.

    Need Help ???

    Tutoring hours will be before school Tuesday-Thursday 7:30 to 8:40 am, or otherwise specified. Students are expected to sign in and out on a tutoring log every time they come for tutoring. Tutoring times may change based on student needs and teacher duties.  


    All students are expected to treat teacher substitutes with respect and courtesy. If Ms. Fox is not in class,the students will continue with the regular assignments given on their six weeks calendar.