ECISD 2022-2023 Calendar Review (For Parents)

  • Welcome to the 2022-23 ECISD Calendar Review page. Here you will find the three options created by the District’s calendar committee. A few things you will notice:

    • All of the calendar options utilize 180 Instructional Days, the maximum number allowed. Doing so ensures our students have the most time possible with our teachers, and gives our school district access to additional state funding that helps pay for the Summer Learning Experience. Last summer we saw that this additional 25 days of learning had a positive impact on students who attended;
    • Professional Development days for staff members are split between 5 days before school starts in August and series of Early Release Days spread throughout the school year;
    • All options include separate start dates; one for students PK-6, and 9; then a second for students in 7, 8, and 10-12;
    • Two required Bad Weather Days to make up for potential cancellations;
    • Traditional breaks at Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year, and Spring Break
    • And the school year ends before the Memorial Day holiday, a feature our community has repeatedly said it wants.

    We welcome your thoughts. Please use the link below to offer your comments on the 2022-23 Instructional Calendar proposals.

     Thank you for taking the time to be part of this process!

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