Professional Development

  • PICK Education® provides authentic learning engagements for educators including outdoor exploration and hands on learning with researchers and scientists, as well as presentations by world-renowned professionals. Take a look at some of our previous professional development fun!




    Backyard Brains Training Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Backyard Brains Do-It-Yourself Neuroscience training at BB Headquarters with Dr. Greg Gage (Neuroscientist and Backyard Brains Co-Founder)


    Fossil Exploration with Dr. Joy Reidenberg

     Fossil Exploration and Comparative Anatomy in north Texas with Dr. Joy Reidenberg (Comparative Anatomist, PBS Documentary Expert, Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine, NYC)


     Paleo Lab Perot Museum

    Biolab and Fossil Prep Lab at the Perot Museum with Tommy Diamond (Fossil Preparator and Paleo Consultant, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas)


    Training at Bruce Bunnell Lab Tulane University

    Stem Cell Research at Tulane University School of Medicine with Dr. Bruce Bunnell (Director Center for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine, Tulane University School of Medicine)


    Discover Entomology Big Bend with Dr. John Hafernik  

    Discover Entomology at Big Bend National Park with Dr. John Hafernik (Entomologist, Professor Emeritus, San Francisco State University)


    Fun with Chemistry with Dr. Kate Beiberdorf at ECISD

    Fun with Chemistry with Dr. Kate Biberdorf (Associate Professor/Director of Demonstrations and Outreach UT Austin, Science Entertainer "Fun with Chemistry")


    Discovery Professional Development at Northwest ISD

    Discover Herpetology and Biology at Northwest ISD with Dr. Igor Siwanowicz (Research Scientist, Janelia Research Campus)


    Nature and Photography with Professional Development with Igor Siwanowicz

    Nature and Photography Exploration at Hurt Ranch with Dr. Igor Siwanowicz (Research Scientist, Janelia Research Campus)


     Professional Development with Davi Bock Janelia Research Campus

    Electron Microscopy Training at Howard Hughes Medical Institute with Dr. Davi Bock (Neuroscientist, Janelia Group Leader, Janelia Research Campus)