• The following is a list of supplies that every student must get.  These supplies are those that students will use on a daily or weekly basis.  Please have your supplies ready by Tuesday September 5, 2017.  By the third week of school, we will commence work on art projects, sketchbook assignments, daily drawing challenges and notes on the elements and principles of design.  These are all activites that go inside your binder and sketchbook. So please try to have your supplies ready by September 5.


    Supply List

    • 2" binder
    • 8 tab dividers
    • 2 Ultra-Fine sharpies
    • 2 fine sharpies
    • 2 glue sticks
    • scissors
    • 12" flexruler (do  not get wooden rulers or plastic rulers)
    • Soft white eraser
    • a pouch or bag to hold your supplies in
    • 9" x 11" sketchbook (or bigger size of white blank pages)
    • colored pencils (24 count or higher)
    • Graphite pencil set with the following grades: 2H, HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B

    In order to offer each student a well-rounded experience in art, a variety of supplies will be used on a daily basis.  The art department requires an art fee to meet this need.  This fee will be used to purchase supplies that would cost families $250.00 or more if purchased themselves.  

     Art1 lab fee: $25

    Art2 and other advanced classes: $35


    If you need help in obtaining the above supplies and/or paying your art lab fee, resources are available. Please contact the front office at (432) 456-0039 and ask to speak with Mrs. Nava from "Communities in Schools".  She will be able to help with whatever you need.

    Si usted necesita ayuda en obtener los utiles de arte or pagando la cuota de laboratoria, por favor de contactar a la officina central al (432) 456-0039 y pregunte si puede hablar con la Sña, Nava de "Communities in Schools".  Ella puede ayudar a obtener lo que necesite.


    Communities in Schools

    Enedelia Nava



    (432) 456-5833