Awards for Excellence 2019

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    This is the 32nd anniversary of the Awards for Excellence. It began in 1988 as a vehicle to recognize outstanding students in their academic areas of study.

    Students who receive these awards demonstrate that excellence is not only a goal to be attained but an attitude that exudes commitment. It is through this attitude that goals are truly realized and multiplied. Individual excellence benefits both self and society, perpetuates the growth of our democracy and ensures the continued yield of its fruits. As others before them, this year’s 44 students charted a course to do their best. Along the way, the standards they set serve as daily examples for their peers.

    This very special award honors students for their accomplishments in 9 categories. Award winners were selected by a consensus of teachers from each particular category for academic standing, consistent outstanding performance over a period of years, participation and commitment to excellence within the activities of the discipline and long-range goals of the students.