• School Boundary Changes to go into effect August 2018


    Here are the boundary changes approved  by the Board of Trustees on April 24.  

    This first map (below) shows the middle school boundaries as they exist right now. The wide black line is the boundary line for Odessa High School and Permian High School. It mostly runs north and south along Highway 385, then turns at Interstate 20 and runs west all the way to the county line. You will notice a large area in Orange south of I-20 that is zoned for Ector Middle School and Permian High School. The number one goal of this rezoning effort is to reduce the number of students at Ector MS (current enrollment is nearly 1,600) and level enrollment at the other middle schools, plus create a pure feeder pattern from east side middle schools to Permian HS and west side middle schools to Odessa HS. That pattern does not exist currently.

     MS Current


    Middle School Option B was approved. It takes students who live south of I-20 and currently attend Ector MS and Permian HS and moves them either to Bonham MS or Nimitz MS. This move creates a pure feeder system to Permian High School and Odessa High School. A triangle immediately south of I-20 that currently attends Nimitz MS moves to Bonham MS, and another square just north of I-20 that currently attends Bonham MS moves to Nimitz MS. A rectangle at the northwest corner of the proposed Ector MS boundary is moved from the current Crockett MS boundary. You will notice the changes bring Ector MS to 1,350 students, and relieves overcrowding at Crockett MS, too. Nimitz MS and Bonham MS will be larger. You also see enrollment projections for the next eight years. Individual school boundary maps are located at the bottom of this page.

    MS Option B

    The first elementary map (below) shows the school boundaries as they exist right now, each school’s functional capacity (85%) and the projections through the year 2026.

     Elem Option A


    In the Elementary map entitled Option C the idea of pairing two elementary schools is illustrated. Trustees approved a pilot program pairing Noel/Pease in a combined attendance zone, and pairing Zavala/Travis in a combined attendance zone. In each case one campus would be for early grades (Pre-K through 1 or 2) and the other campus would be for later grades (2 or 3 through 5.) The potential changes in the northeast are highlighted. Two areas to the west of Highway 385 that are currently zoned for Jordan Elem would be shifted to Goliad Elem and Ross Elem. Part of the neighborhood east of Ross Elem would be shifted to Ireland Elem, and a larger are currently zoned for Buice Elem would be moved to Blanton Elem. Again, individual school maps can be found at the bottom of this page.

     Elem Option C

    Elementary Option D (below) – This set of proposed changes came about after the school board workshop on April 3. Trustees asked about the possibility of a boundary zone for Hays Elementary that would increase enrollment numbers in the STEAM program there. The numbers on the map show the number of students who live inside that proposed boundary, some of whom may already attend Hays. THE HAYS OPTION WAS REMOVED FROM CONSIDERATION. THERE WILL BE NO CHANGES TO HAYS ELEMENTARY. THE FOLLOWING CHANGES WERE APPROVED: Option D moves the area south of I-20 and inside West Loop 338 and Hwy 385 to the new combined attendance zone for Travis Elementary and Zavala Elementary; and the area south of I-20 and inside East Loop 338 and Hwy 385 to Gonzales Elementary. At this moment, both of those areas attend LBJ. Students living south of Loop 338 and east of Hwy 385 will still attend LBJ.  By making these changes the students who live in those areas will attend school closer to their homes and LBJ will see some relief from its high enrollment projections.

    Elem Option D


    Below are the approved boundary maps for the individual schools

    Elem Zone Blanton  Elem Zone Buice







    Elem Zone Goliad Elem Zone Ireland

    Elem Zone Jordan Elem Zone Ross MS Option B Crockett MS Option B Ector

     MS Option B Nimitz MS Option B Nimitz_Bonham