• Students, you will be taking Chemistry which is a course that is designed to challenge you in order to prepare you for Introductory Chemistry courses in college. For this reason I have high expectations of success for each of my students. This course will be challenging but I am committed to seeing each student succeed. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


    Contact Information:

    Tutoring: Mon-Thurs 8-8:25 am

    Telephone: (432) 456-2214

    Email: janie.garcia@ectorcountyisd.org


    Grading System:

    Major Grades – exams, projects, presentations, major labs, etc. 45%

    Minor Grades – laboratory reports, quizzes, daily work, participation, etc. 50%

    Student Planner Grades 5%


    Course Content: 

    o Unit 1-Lab Safety and Management

    o Unit 2 – Matter, Measurements, and Calculations

    o Unit 3 – Periodic Table and Atomic Structure

    o Unit 4 – Chemical Bonding

    o Unit 5 – Chemical Formulas and Compounds

    o Unit 6 – Chemical Equations and Reactions

    o Unit 7 – Nuclear Chemistry

    o Unit 8 – The Mole Concept

    o Unit 9 – Stoichiometry

    o Unit 10 – State of Matter and Gas Laws

    o Unit 11 – Solutions and Colligative Properties

    o Unit 12 – Reactivity

    o Unit 13 – Thermochemistry