• Jessica Rickman


    I am excited for another amazing year at Buice! I started as assistant principal at Buice 6 years ago when the school opened, and was blessed to be named Principal in January of 2019. I can't wait to see all of our students, and have another great year of 21st century learning with our talented staff here at Buice!


  • Kristin Ross

     I started at this amazing school 3 years ago as the 5th grade science teacher!  I fell in love with the students, parents, and staff and I am extremely excited to serve as the Assistant Principal of such an amazing school.  I truly believe that Buice students and staff are the BEST and look forward to the many successes we will accomplish this year.  


    Assistant Principal

  • Cristina Velasquez

    I am so blessed that I have been able to be part of such an amazing school from the beginning. I am looking forward to yet another amazing year with the best students in town.



  • Susan Garcia

    This is my 11th year as a School Counselor and my second year at Buice. I love my job and I am grateful for the opportunity to support, encourage, and empower all students to become thier best selves. I look forward to another fantastic school year with all our amazing staff, students, and families. 



  • Megan Hubbard

    It is great to work with such amazing people each and every day. Our students, parents, and staff make this a great place to be.



  • Casey Ramsey

    My name is Casey Ramsey, and I am so excited to move into a full-time flex aide position at Buice. I have been part of the Buice family for three years now, and have loved every minute!!  



  • Brandy Dugger

    I love getting to work with all of Buice’s students as the Media Specialist. I want to help student’s build a love for reading while supporting the learning goals of the teachers and our school. I want to be able to provide students with hands on, real-world experiences using our Makerspace. I want to show students that learning can be fun. I am looking forward to teaching students to be creative and critical thinkers so that they will be prepared for the future, wherever it may take them.



  • Adriana Garcia

     I am so excited to have the opportunity to teach at Dr. Lee Buice Elementary! I look forward to the new opportunities of being a part of a new school, but also to the challenges we will encounter as well. I love that the school is filled with teachers who love to teach and offer new ideas that help us come together and make Dr. Lee Buice the best school! This school has a wonderful learning environment for both teachers and students alike makes this journey so incredibly exciting!



  • Sheila McDonald

    I wanted to teach at Buice because since the beginning it was one of my top choices. I wanted to work for a leader who makes you feel like part of a team and is passionate about education as well as compassionate to her employees. I love being part of a fantastic wonderful staff!



  • Jackie Hintz

    I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing school. The students and educators of Buice Elementary are truly phenomenal. I am looking forward to another wonderful year with the best scholars in town! Go Bison!



  • Wendy Ramirez

    I am very excited to be a part of Buice Elementary. My goal as a teacher is to instill a passion for learning within students while providing a positive and encouraging environment and I believe that is exactly what Buice Elementary is. As a teacher I hope to inspire the next generation of children who will become our future engineers, doctors, lawyers, astronauts, and inventors.



  • Tenille Reed

     I love what Buice has to offer our students!


  • Christina Dugan

    Having the opportunity to teach at Buice is incredible. Being able to change students’ lives and to see them grow in knowledge is one of the best feelings a teacher can have. I believe that the  Buice family sets a new standard for education. We have build a great reputation, leaving every parent in the district wishing their child could attend our great school. Being able to develop and establish new programs makes the Buice family stronger than any other school. We have the opportunity to do great things in children's lives, and we do just that. I can't wait to be part of next year’s journey. I am 100% ready to contribute new ideas that will make my grade level team and Buice successful.




  • Lindsey Blair 

     I love being a part of the exciting culture we have at Buice. I enjoy being part of the Buice Family and having a positive impact on our young learners in Odessa. I love creating a welcoming and safe environment that our kids are so anxious to get back to and enjoy learning in!


  • Maria Costilla

    I am very excited to be part of a staff that encourages independent thinking, communication, and collaboration through exploration. I love our school vision and strive to teach my students how to be successful life-long learners through our principals. I cant wait to see everyone!


  • Sierra Chavez

    My reason for wanting to teach at Buice is because I am amazed by the school. The new concept of the building is so intriguing. I feel as if it brings many more opportunities to be creative and bring in new aspects that most people do not get to see in a traditional classroom setting.


  • Amy Wassel

    Hi! My name is Amy Wassel. I am so excited to be teaching 1st! This will be my 4th year teaching at Buice and my 14th year teaching. I am excited about this new challenge and cannot wait to get to know you- my students! We are going to have so much fun this year learning so many new things. Let’s get started!


  • Jordan Watson

    After only a few times of subbing at Buice, I knew that Buice was the place I wanted to be! The leadership at Buice, the teamwork, and the strive for the success of students is just a few of the reasons  why I fell  in love with the Buice campus. Buice has truly transformed the concept of learning , and I am excited and blessed to get to be a part of the Buice team!


  • Jessica Berridge

    Buice is a literacy rich campus were interactive learning environments are the norm. This inquiry focused learning philosophy fits my teaching personality because I believe in creating environments that promote young learners to collaborate with their peers and express their knowledge. Buice’s open design supports this type of learning effortlessly. My students have many opportunities to satisfy their learning curiosities by having access to thousands of books displayed throughout the campus. These books also naturally lead them to dig deeper into topics we are studying. The sky's the limit and I feel very blessed to be part of Buice Elementary!


  • Jessica Brown

    I can’t wait to start another year at Buice! I’m looking forward to expanding first-grader minds with creative thinking and hands-on learning! What an awesome feeling to know that I am part of an amazing team! Blessed beyond measure!


  • Katie Sharp

    I am excited for the upcoming school year and getting to know my new students. I look forward to helping each one of them grow and reach their full potential. We are going to have SO much fun this year!


  • Norma Rivers

    I’m very excited to be returning to Buice this upcoming year. I’m thrilled to be joining the 2nd grade team . I’m looking forward to another year of learning, fun, and adventures!


  • Samantha Ballejo

    I want to be a teacher at Dr. Lee Buice Elementary because I want to inspire students to have a love for learning. I want to say I played a part in preparing the next generation to take on any role they choose in life. To be part of the change in this world, I want people to be kind, courageous, and to stand up for what is right. To inspire students to know the difference in using their voice for positive purposes and have the ability to stand up for others who have not yet found their voice. 


  • Kristin Ligon 

    When I started to pursue my career in teaching, I knew I wanted to work for a school that had collaborative teachers, excited students, and involved parents. After I had the opportunity to student teach at Buice, I knew I had found what I was looking for and have fallen in love with this school. I am looking forward to officially being a Bison for the 2020-2021 School Year. 


  • Amy Price 

    I am beyond excited to teach at Dr. Lee Buice Elementary School! I am passionate about doing more than just teaching my students academic subjects. I want to guide my young learners to be readers, mathematicians, scientists, and historians. I chose to be a part of this 21st-century school because I hope to empower my students with the critical thinking skills they need to be successful members of our technology-driven world. I will strive to foster their natural creativity and provide them with authentic learning experiences that will carry them well beyond the classroom walls. Above all, I am honored to be an educator at Buice Elementary because I love to teach, and I aspire to do my part in creating a school environment where students love to learn.


  • Channing Sawyers

    My main goal has always been to help others. When I became a teacher, I knew I was where I needed to be. I not only got to help students grow, but help them discover things about themselves they didn’t know were there before. I have heard that Buice is an excellent place to teach, as they have an excellent staff and even more excellent students! I am so excited to be teaching at Buice this year, as I hope to make an impact on the kids and their families of my own neighborhood! 


  • Deborah Morrero

    I am so excited to start teaching at Buice Elementary. I feel teaching at Buice will be rewarding and at the same time enjoyable. This will be my first time year teaching. I love the excitement kids have when learning new things and accomplishing tasks. I was able to experience that is summer school. I hope to bring to the table new and exciting ideas. 


  • Marissa Lopez

    I LOVED my elementary school growing up. But, had it been like Buice Elementary, I would have grown up in a dream world. Luckily, my children are able to have the experience, and I am fortunate enough to be able to teach here. Everything a 21st teacher can dream of is at our fingertips. As the technology lover I am, I feel like I’m teaching the way today’s students should learn, and that makes coming to Buice the perfect place to be.


  • Mabel Gutierrez

    Under the leadership of Mrs. Rickman and Mrs. Ross, the Buice staff has created an atmosphere that fosters the love of learning both for students and staff. Buice is leading the learning community by earning a spot as one of the campuses named “2018 Schools Transforming Learning”. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow under their leadership. My passion for teaching will continue to grow in this environment.


  • Donna Reese

    I am very honored to be at Buice as an educator. Dr. Lee Buice was one of my speech teachers in college. She was a phenomenal educator. She expected every student to give 100% on every endeavor. She encouraged me to perform at a higher level than I was expected. I, now, have the same high expectations for my students and delight in witnessing the pride and joy they experience in their accomplishments.


  • Margarita Grimsley

    Having the opportunity to work at Buice is truly a blessing. Educating young minds, building long-lasting relationships, and making a difference in children's lives are the reasons why I love teaching. Working at Buice gives me the chance to fill my professional goals at the most beautiful campus in West Texas.


  • David Morris

    I am a 4th grade writing teacher at Buice and my students inspire me everyday. I enjoy teaching at Buice and shaping young minds each day.


  • Sara Cox

    There are multiple reasons I am excited to teach at Buice. The main reason is I love the innovative and collaborative mindset that encompasses the school, I truly believe that there are times when the kids learn best from each other outside the classroom walls. Speaking of outside the classroom walls, I also LOVE all of the fun activities that students get to participate in throughout the year, nothing beats letting loose with your kiddos! I hear so much positivity from both staff and parents about Buice. I feel very lucky to be a part of a truly student- centered community. I am ready to continue my journey with many amazing people!


  • Heather Richards

    I am so excited to get to know all of my 5th graders this year! I have 3 kids of my own, 2 of them still at Buice, plus 2 fur babies! We are going to have so much fun this year and I hope you are looking forward to technology, books and… blacklights??! I love being a teacher and can’t wait to meet you!



  • Linda Carrasco

    I'm incredibly excited about having the opportunity to be part of Buice Elementary. A great school with a great design and architecture that brings endless possibilities. I'm committed to continuing this adventure along with other dedicated teachers, but especially with exceptional leaders like Mrs. Rickman and Mrs. Ross. I want to help cultivate and instill lifelong reading habits and students. Ultimately to have students “falling in love” with reading! Being able to read fluently will empower kids and build self-confidence. 



  • Rylee Brazeal

    I am delighted to be joining the Buice family! After tutoring 4th and 5th graders at Buice this year, I fell in love with the inspiring energy of the campus. I know that Buice is especially committed to promoting learning opportunities for students. This school has an excellent reputation for the quality of its teaching. I am excited to become part of such a committed team and add my own skills and experience. I look forward to helping students to become lifelong readers and learners, and to broaden their horizons for the future. 


  • Taylor Saunders

    I am so excited for another year at Buice Elementary! I love working in a positive, technologically advanced atmosphere with strong, supportive leaders. I love that the students are diverse and excited to learn through fun and creative lessons. It is rewarding to bring my own kids to a school I truly love and believe in!


  • Stephanie Clark

    I am excited to be one of the new 5th Grade Science teachers at Buice Elementary for the 2020 – 2021 school year.  I have been teaching for 19 years.  Most of my teaching experience has been in 5th grade Science.  I have always had a love of Science and a passion for entertaining, so being an Elementary Science teacher is naturally amazing! I love to collaborate with others to create the most engaging Science lessons possible! I look forward to the positive culture and atmosphere that I have heard is prevalent at Buice.  I am very outgoing, energetic, and creative.  I cannot wait to join the team of talented teachers that I am confident also exhibit these qualities at BuiceI’m am very happy to now call myself Buice Bison! 


  • Renee Meinkowsky

    I am so excited to be at Buice Elementary. I want to be part of something new and innovative in the West Texas area. Ector County ISD is moving forward with education and this school is one that leads the way. It is exciting to be able to start at a school and build that school’s program from the ground up in all areas. I also look forward to working with new people and seeing new and fresh ideas. I am excited to work with new students and get to know their personalities.