School Nutrition Bids & Tabulations

    Bid Tabulation for #15-001

    Small Utensil Bid #15-002 - Open Date 4/7/15

    Bid Tabulation for #15-002

    Food Bid #15-04 - Open Date 5/19/15

    Bid Tabulation for #15-04 

    Frozen Bid #15-05 - Open Date 5/19/15

    Bid Tabulation for #15-05

    Direct Delivery Bid #15-06 - Open Date 5/19/

    Bid Tabulation for #15-06

    Food Bid #15-10FS - Open Date 11/17/15

    Bid Tabulation for #15-10

    Frozen Bid #15-11FS - Open Date 11/17/15

    Bid Tabulation for #15-11 

    Paper Bid #16-02 - Open Date 2/2/16

    Bid Tabulation for #16-02

    Equipment Bid #16-03FS - Open Date 3/22/16

    Bid Tabulation for #16-03 

    Small Utensils Bid #16-04FS - Open Date 3/22/16

    Bid Tabulation for #16-04 

    Dry, Refrigerated, & Frozen Food Items Bid #16-07FS - Open Date 6/7/16

    Bid Tabulation for #16-07

    Milk Bid #16-08FS - Open Date 6/28/16

    Bid Tabulation for #16-08FS

    Mexican Food Bid #16-09FS - Open Date 7/12/16

    Bid Tabulation for #16-09FS 

    Dry, Refrigerated, & Frozen Food Items Bid #17-02FS - Open Date 5/23/17

    Bid Tabulation for #17-02FS

    Bread Bid #17-03FS - Open Date 5/23/17

    Bid Tabulation for #17-03FS

    Paper Bid #17-04FS - Open Date 5/23/17

    Bid Tabulation for #17-04FS


    Equipment Bid #17-05FS - Open Date 5/23/17 

    Bid Tabulation for #17-05FS 

    Food Bid #18-01FS - Open Date 5/8/2018  Bid Tabulation for #18-01FS

    Paper Bid #18-02FS - Open Date 5/8/2018

     Bid Tabulation #18-02FS

    Software RFP #18-03FS - Open Date 5/8/2018

     Bid Tabulation for #18-03FS

    Milk and Dairy Items Bid #19-02FS Bid Closes-5/16/2019  
    Kitchen Equipment Bid #19-03FS Bid Closes-5/16/2019  
    Dry, Refrigerated and Frozen Food Items Bid #19-04FS Bid Closes-5/16/2019  
    Paper and Plastic Items Bid #19-05FS Bid Closes-5/16/2019  
    Bread Delivery Bid #19-06FS Bid Closes-5/16/2019  
    Smart Snack Food Delivery #19-07FS Bid Closes-6/17/2019  
    General Questions for RFP #19-07FS
    Q. What is the average pizza volume per school?
    A. The numbers provided in the solicitation are a combination of the middle and high schools. For example, Category A-Fresh Baked Pizza lists an "Estimated Annual High School Volume" of 6,000 whole pizzas. There are 3 high schools listed in the solicitation so that volume will be split 3 ways. 
    Q. How many lunch periods does each delivery site have?
    A. This will vary but is an average of 1-4 periods
    Q. To confirm, all nine delivery sites included in this RFP will receive daily pizza deliveries?
    A. Yes
    Q. Does this contract term begin on July 1st, 2019 and conclude on June 30th, 2020?
    A. Yes
    Q. Are we able to receive a 7 day advance notice of the taste test/sampling event?
    A. Yes. 
    Q. Our delivery drivers deliver all fresh pizza products through the backdoor of the cafeteria and have contact with kitchen personnel only. What is the expectation of fresh delivery pizza vendors in regards to section 2.5 Supplier Nationwide Criminal Background Checks on page 7 of the RFP?
    A. The children's safety is paramount to what we do, therefore we require that all employees involved in the performance of the contract pass a national criminal history background check. 
    General Question for All #19 Bids
    Q. We’ve mailed the bid packet and samples and they’re currently in Tennessee; however I just realized that I may or may have not included “Bidder Preference Certification” form Page 2 of the required forms. Am I able to send this by e-mail? Does this disqualify us because it was not included in the original bid package? 
    A. Only documents that contain a vendor's original bid pricing or samples will result in an automatic vendor disqualification if they are not submitted at or before the bid closing date. If a vendor submits their original bid package and is missing a page with their bid pricing, only the items that were on that page are disqualified. All others that were received in time will be evaluated. If any other form is mistakenly left off, we will allow all vendors a chance to submit them if they are awarded an item. 
    Dry, Refrigerated and Frozen Items Bid #19-04FS
    Q. In regards item 2, Orange Mandarin, there is a rumor that Chinese tariff will go up to 25% from current 10%. Can you please advise which tariff fee do you want us to quote on this item? The current 10% or the anticipated 25%?
    A. The contract will be awarded as a firm-fixed price contract. The understanding is a vendor will be as competitive on their pricing as they can be, knowing that there is a potential for increases throughout the duration of the contract. Most of the bids we receive do not include any fees. You are welcome to bid any fee you deem necessary, but just be aware that not all vendors will and this will be important when we are evaluating offers.  
    Dry, Refrigerated and Frozen Items Bid #19-04FS
    Q. Regarding the above bid, can you please clarify if the deliveries be made to one warehouse in Odessa one time or on a weekly/monthly basis?
    A. We will communicate orders as needed, which is typically on a weekly/monthly basis. It really depends on the vendor's lead time and the total amount we can store of that item in our warehouse. The ordering schedule is usually set within the first 2-3 months.
    General Question for All #19 Bids
    Q. Should samples be addresses to your attention and delivered to Ector County Independent School District School Nutrition Warehouse located at 1120 W. 10th St., Odessa, TX 79763?
    A. Yes, all samples must be delivered to the ECISD School Nutrition Warehouse located at 1120 W. 10th Street, Odessa, TX 79763. 
    Kitchen Equipment Bid #19-03FS
    Q: For Kitchen Equipment Bid #19-03FS, is the quote for the oven only?  I do not need to include removal of the old oven or installation of the new oven, correct?
    A: You are correct. Please make sure to include shipping cost with your proposal. 
    Dry, Refrigerated and Frozen Items Bid #19-04FS
    Q: Is Form 1295 Certificate of Interested Parties (Unsworn Declaration) required?
    A: No, it is our understanding that the law applies only to a contract between a governmental entity or state agency and a business entity at the time it is voted on by the governing body or at the time it binds the governmental entity or state agency, or whichever is earlier, including an amended, extended, or renewed contract, of a governmental entity or state agency that either:
    1) requires an action or vote by the governing body of the entity or agency before the contract may be signed; or
    2) has a value of at least $1 million dollars.
    Accordingly, a contract does not require an action or vote by the governing body of a governmental entity or state agency if:
    1) the governing body does not participate in the selection of the business entity with which the contract is entered to
    Our Board of Trustees does not participate in the selection of business entities with which we enter into contracts with, they approve/disapprove of our recommendations because the contract amounts normally exceed $50,000 dollars. If something changes where this form will be a required, we will not penalize any vendor that did not submit one with their original bid. We will allow all vendors a chance to submit the form. 
    Q: Are samples required for spec’d items?
    A: Samples are only required if you are going to bid an item that is different than what we have listed as pre-approved. 
    Q: Is the Food Mfg or Food Wholesaler’s License from State Dept of Health required?
    A: Yes
    Dry, Refrigerated and Frozen Items Bid #19-04FS
    Q: I am bidding all of Country Pure Foods 4.23 oz. aseptic/shelf-stable juice boxes (Item #2 under “fruit products).  The brand on the bid is Apple and Eve.  Do I need to submit samples of all of our products?  If so, do you require a full case of each?
    A: To bid an alternate to an approved branded item, the bidder must submit a representative sample at or before the time of the scheduled bid opening for the item to be evaluated as a recognized and accepted equal. If no approved brand is listed for an item, vendor must submit a sample. To help reduce cost and waste, we ask that only 1 can/container be sent for any canned good or spice and no more than 10 servings of any other type of food item be provided. Therefore, if you are submitting 4 different flavors for this specific item then we would ask that you submit no more than 10 servings of each flavor. 
    Q: I have twelve (12) products that I would like to enter on the bid, but the PDF file does not increase the cell size to accommodate for more than one item.  How should I enter brand, count/cs and pricing for all twelve products?
    A: You are more than welcome to submit more than one item. If there is not enough room for them all, you can send an attachment with your bid that includes them. It is imperative that if you do this, you reference the general product category and line item number so there is no confusion. For example: 12 different flavors of juice would be listed on the attachment as "Fruit Products", Line item 2. Alternatives. 
    Dry, Refrigerated and Frozen Items Bid #19-04FS
    Q: What exactly are you looking for on this line item? Is there a referenced brand?  

    BAKED FLAVORED SNACK-Must meet smart snack requirement. Estimate is based on case size of 104-.875oz

    A: Baked Flamin' Hot Cheetos would be an example of a food item for this category. It is one of our most popular items. It should have been on the pre-approved list but was mistakenly left off. Vendors are welcome to submit anything that meets the critera noted for the specified food item. Please note that because we don't have a pre-approved item listed, we will require a sample. 
    General Question for all #19 Bids
    Q. Are we able to provide pricing options for an item?
    A. Yes, if we would save money by ordering a specific amount per shipment you are more than welcome to provide those pricing options. We will ultimately evaluate the cost and spacing constraints when we make our final determination. Also, you are able to provide more than one option for each item. Just make sure that you follow the sample requirements if necessary. 
    Equipment Bid #19-03FS
    Q. Do you need gas hoses which will be required for installation of your new convection ovens?  If so, would you like the price of the hoses to be included with the oven price, or separated?
    A. We are only seeking 1 gas hose for each set only (total of 6)
    Q. Would you like the ovens to be manifolded so there’s a single point gas connection for each double stack unit?
    A. We would not like for the ovens to be manifolded. 
    General Question for all #19 Bids
    Q. For the attached bid, is the District accepting direct bid quotes and direct shipments from the manufacturer, as well as bid quote and shipments through distribution?
    A. We will gladly accept bids from either manufacturers directly or distributors. 
    Food Bid #18-01FS
    Q: When reviewing my paperwork of Bid 18-01FS that was submitted last Friday, I noticed that I signed page 9, but failed to date it on the “title” line?  I didn’t realize that until just now that I think it was asking for a signature?  Do I need to submit an entire new bid pack for your opening tomorrow morning or can I fax a copy of that page?
    A: Price and product specifications will be taken at face value and will not be able to be changed or adjusted once the bid has been submitted. If bidders are missing a signature on a page or a required form, we will not disqualify the bid on such technicalities. If the vendor is awarded, we can obtain the information from them at that point.
    Food Bid #18-01FS
    Q: Will this bid be awarded by line item?
    A. Yes, both this bid and Paper Bid #18-02FS will be awarded by line item. This should help give everyone an opportunity to do business.
    Paper Bid #18-02FS 
    Q. I have a question just asked by my management team.  The bid document indicates “inside delivery” as a strict requirement.  Must all shipments be classified for inside delivery?
    A: To clarify, "inside delivery" in our bids are referring to the box of the delivery truck. We do not accept flat trailer beds without a protective covering. We want the product protected from the elements. There are no other restrictions on the delivery other than what is noted on the general terms and conditions. This pertains to al ECISD School Nutrition bids or proposals. We have a loading dock and forklifts available to unload.
    Software RFP #18-03FS
    Paper Bid #18-02FS
    Q: Camanufacturers bid or is it distributor only?
    A: We welcome all manufacturers and distributors to provide us a bid. We hope to promote full and open competition by doing so. Remember that if you see a pre-approved brand name specified, you are able to send something of equal value for us to evaluate. As long as the item meets the specifcations lined out in the bid, we will evaluate them all for possible award. The bid documents contain more on the specifics of alternate items, sample submission, etc.
    Paper Bid #18-02FS
    Q: Is this a one-time BULK PURCHASE of these items or are they to be purchased “AS NEEDED”? 
    A: Purchase orders will be communicated as needed and based off of vendor quoted lead time and minimum case shipping requirements.
    Paper Bid #18-02FS
    Q: In the required documents, I do not see a 1295 form, Certificate of Interested Parties. Is that a form that Ector County will require?
    A: No. The HB 1295 form, Certificate of Interested Parties is not required for participants in Bid #18-01FS or Bid #18-02FS. We do not meet the criteria specified in the TEC rules to require this form.
    Food Bid #18-01FS
    Q: Can you help me with your spec on the J& J  Dutch WG Waffle? Are we close to your spec’s?
    A: This item must meet whole grain requirements and be no less than 2.00-grain contribution. If the item you are offering is not on the "pre-approved" item list, you will need to submit a sample. The instructions on sample submission and clarification on this topic can be found in in the bid documents and on this forum.
    Food Bid #18-01FS
    Q: My packer for 85/15 g beef is asking for a delivery date. Can you give me an estimate?
    A: The new fiscal year starts July 1st. The district will be closed July 1st-July 8th. Starting July 9th, purchase orders will be communicated as needed and based off of vendor quoted lead time and minimum case shipping requirements.
    Food Bid #18-01FS
    Q: Do we need samples if no brands are specified? For example # 2 mandarin oranges.
    A: If brands are not specified we will need a representative sample to evaluate the product.
    Food Bid #18-01FS
    Q: Page 3 of 4 (.33) calls for a copy of food manufacturer license or Food Wholesaler’s license from Texas Department of Health. We are not from Texas so would any other food manufacturing business license or health permit be ok? Would that need to be submitted with the bid or only if awarded?
    A: Yes, as long as they are able to submit a license from their respective state. It is better to submit it with the bid. Not doing so can delay the process if awarded.
    Food Bid #18-01FS
    Q:  RE:  Fruit Products - Bid item #7 Shelf Stable Juice-Can someone make sure they do not want pricing on both straight fruit juice and also juice that credits a vegetable.   50,000 cases is a lot of just vegetable juice.
    A: This item has to be 100% fruit and vegetable juice with enough of the vegetable juice to credit as a 1/2 cup vegetable contribution. The pre-approved brand of this for reference is Apple and Eve Fruitables Plus!, Tropical Twist #24023.
    Food Bid #18-01FS
    Q: Would you please clarify this request on the bid:

     33. Bidders must submit a copy of their Food Manufacturer’s or Food Wholesaler’s License from the Texas Department of Health, Manufactured Food Division before they may enter into a contract with the district.

    If the manufacturer is not located in Texas, will they be able to submit a license from their state?

    A: Yes, as long as they are able to submit a license from their respective state.

    Food Bid #18-01FS

    Q: Can I submit my questions on the website? Shall we submit through email?
    A: To help ensure that all bidders have access to the same information at the same time, any questions will need to be submitted to Brandon Reyes at nicolas.reyes@ectorcountyisd.org. I will do my best to address any question you have in a timely manner. This is also addressed in the General Terms and Conditions Section, paragraph 38 and 43. The deadline to submit questions is May 3rd, 2018 at noon. Any question received after that time will not be answered.
    Food Bid #18-01FS
    Q: As it pertains to line 8 in the Frozen Meats and Entrees section of your bid, will you deem the attached Chicken and Cheese Taquito from Ruiz an acceptable bid alternate sample?  This item meets your bid spec’s, however, it is not Buffalo flavored as is the Tyson code provided.
    A: We will evaluate all offers that meet the bid requirements/specifications.
    Food Bid #18-01FS
    Q: Will you be wanting samples before bid opening or only when requested?
    A: Samples need to be submitted per the instructions on the General Terms and Conditions Section, paragraphs 13 and 14.
     Food Bid #18-01FS
    Q: Where do we ship samples to and attention to whom?
    A: All samples for Bid #18-01FS and Bid #18-02FS are to be shipped per the instructions on the General Terms and Conditions Section, paragraph 14. They are to be shipped to the address below:
    School Nutrition Warehouse
    1120 W. 10th Street
    Odessa, TX 79763
    Paper Bid #18-02FS
    Q: Is the above bid an “all or none” solicitation?
    A: Bid #18-01FS and Bid #18-02FS are line item awarded bids. We will evaluate all offers that meet the bid requirements/specifications.
    Food Bid #18-01FS
    Q: Line #2 says your looking for a roll dough to meet 1GE.  The code on the specified product is a 2GE product.  Do you seek a 2GE product?
    A: Under the "Frozen and Dry Grains" category, the code provided for that product is CH Guenther Conestoga #210501. That item is a 1 grain equivalent and the item we need. CH Guenther Conestoga #210500 is the code for the 2 grain equivalent of that same item.
    Food Bid #18-01FS
    Q: How many cans do you need to sample the canned vegetables?
    A: To help reduce cost and waste, we only ask that 1 can be sent for any canned good or spice and no more than 10 servings of any other type of food item be provided.
    Food Bid #18-01FS
    Q: Can you please tell me for this item if you are looking for a prebaked item or a frozen dough?
    A: We are looking for pre-baked, heat and serve biscuits.
    Food Bid #18-01FS
    Q: What is the open date/time of the attached bid? Page 2 states “…receive sealed bids for Food Items until 9:00 a.m., Tuesday, May 8th, 2018…”  “Bidder is to mark on the outside of the bid envelope “Dry, Refrigerated, & Frozen Food Items Bid #18-01FS; Tuesday, May 23, 2017, 10:30am.”
    A: The bid closes at 9:00 a.m. on May 8th, 2018. Any bids received after that time and date will not be accepted. The envelope will need to reflect the May 8th closing date. The "May 23rd" date you see on that page is a typo.  
    Software RFP #18-03FS
    Q: Is the District open to transition, installation, and go live in the fall of 2018 rather than June-July 2018?
    A: July 1st is the beginning of ECISD's fiscal year and will be the contract date for the winning proposal.  ECISD will be closed from July 1st - July 8th, therefore the actual 'go live' date will be July 9th.  This date is firm to ensure full training, functionality, and familiarity before the start of the 2018-2019 school year.  Training of office staff needs to occur between July 9th - July 20th.  Training of School Nutrition Managers needs to occur between August 6th - August 10th.
    RFQs 17-02FS, 17-0
    Q: Is minimum order quantity allowed?
    A: Yes, minimum order quantities are allowed.
    Q: Can you please confirm the deadline for receiving samples?
    A: The sample deadline is the same as the bid deadline. (Spring 2017: May 23, 2017, 10:30am)
    Q: Do vendors need to bid on every single line item in order to be considered for award?
    A: No, vendors are not required to bid on every single item.  All bids will be considered.
    Q: Do you have an order schedule available?
    A: There is no pre-set order schedule.  Products will be ordered based on minimum quantities and lead times specified by the winning bidder.
    Q: Can you please clarify the section stating, "pallets are to be stacked at 8 tie"?  Should this state "8 hi" instead?
    A: CLARIFICATION: The statement for the pallet stacking only pertains to the canned fruits and vegetables identified on Food Bid #17-02FS.  Please disregard the statement in Paragraph 21 of the "General Terms and Conditions" section.
    Q: Are the quantities listed in the bid going to be a one-time delivery?
    A: No.  Orders will be based off of minimum order quantities stated by each vendor.
    Q: We would like clarification on samples: if we are bidding another brand than specified, are we to send samples with the bid or upon request?
    A: If the product is not on the pre-approved list, then we will need to evaluate the offered product before awards are determined.  Samples will be accepted until bids are accepted. (Spring 2017: May 23, 2017, 10:30am)
    Q: Can we call FedEx at our expense and pick up a sample of the current product?
    A: No.  You can review last year's bid tabulation to see which vendor was awarded and obtain the information from that vendor.  Bids tabulations are on the same page as the posted bids.
    Q: Are samples required for all items bid where a brand is not specifically listed as approved?
    A: Yes. 
    Q: Do submitted samples need to be full cases?
    A: No.  A few packages/servings of each alternate item being offered will suffice for testing. 
    Q: Are the Equipment Bid specifications hard specs, or are you accepting alternates to brands specified?
    A: For Equipment Bid #17-05FS only, the brands that are specified are the only brands that will be considered.  The first page of the bid describes the compelling need for us to accept only the specified brands.  For all other bids, alternates to "approved brands" will be considered. 
    Q: Can vendors offer different packaging styles without being removed from consideration of award?
    A: Yes.  Please be sure to provide samples for evaluation. 
    Q: Can a vendor bid on just the "line item award" scenario without being removed from consideration of award?
    A: Yes, all bids will be considered.
    Q: If a vendor is bidding on the "total award"/"all or none" scenario, does the vendor need to bid on all lines in order to be considered?
    A: All bids will be considered; however, it would be most advantageous to the bidder to bid on all lines.
    Q: What is the pack size of the currently supplied cutlery kit (Line 29 Fork + Spoon + Napkin Kit, Bid #17-04FS)?
    A: 500ct. per case 
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