No Facilities Rentals on the Following Dates

  • Based on new information received from our Ector County ISD community, as well as new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) ECISD is making the decision to close all schools for a minimum of the next two weeks, March 16-27. Therefore there's no facility rentals during this period. Those whom have approvals will be cancelled and not be charged. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

    April 7-10

    May 4-15, 25 | June 22-26

Facilities Rental

  • Ector County Independent School District welcomes the use of District facilities by outside organizations/groups. However, such use of District facilities shall not be permitted when it interferes with the educational programs of any campus or District-scheduled activities - including facility maintenance and/or repair projects.

    Ector County ISD is a tax-supported, non-profit organization established to serve the students and youth residing within the boundaries of the District. Therefore, tiers have been created to differentiate among the various organizations/groups (such as non-profit youth sports, for-profit organizations and civic groups, etc.) and the fees which each is charged.

    The process for requesting a facility is listed below:

    • Requester will complete and sign facility request form located on Facility Rental website.
    • All secondary athletic facility requests should be cleared through the Athletic Office.
    • Completed form will be submitted to facility coordinator in District Operations office. (Thelma Cordova)
    • Availability determined by facility coordinator communicating with the campus Principal.
    • Principal Approves or Declines the request.
    • Declined: Facility coordinator notifies requester.
    • Approved:
    • Event added to SharePoint calendar by facility coordinator.
    • Request form sent back to requestor with listed fees.
    • Request form sent to Chief Financial Officer to be invoiced.

    All facility forms and policies are available on the displayed tabs.  Please contact District Operations for further questions regarding facility rentals at (432) 456-0064.

Facilities Rental Documents