• What is the Ector County ISD RISE initiative?

  • What inspired the RISE program?

  • What schools have been chosen to become ECISD RISE campuses?

  • How were schools chosen to participate?

Parents / Families

  • How are you going to make sure you have strong leadership and highly effective teachers at RISE campuses?

  • Who can attend a RISE campus?

  • What new supports and expectations will be in place at RISE campuses for students?

  • Do RISE schools have a standardized dress code?

  • How will transportation services be impacted by the RISE initiative?

  • What is required to parents/guardians at RISE campuses?

  • Do RISE campuses teach the same curriculum and follow the same school calendar as other ECISD schools?

  • Do RISE campuses follow a regular daily schedule?

  • What special after-school opportunities are offered?

  • Does Bowie Middle School – RISE still have athletics and other elective classes?

  • Do RISE schools provide programming for special populations such as Bilingual/ESL and Special Education?


  • What does strategic staffing mean?

  • Who can work at a RISE campus?

  • What are the stipend amounts for positions at RISE schools?

  • Why choose to work at a RISE campus?

  • How are teachers identified to be hired at RISE campuses?

  • If I am selected for the program, will I remain an employee of ECISD?

  • How long is additional RISE compensation guaranteed for teachers who want to work at a RISE school?

  • Are paraprofessional staff members also eligible for additional compensation?

  • Are teachers at RISE campuses required to work the entire extended day that students will be at school?

  • What curriculum and instructional delivery model are used at RISE campuses?