OnRamps Interlocal Agreement 


    ECISD and OnRamps have partnered to advance equity and accountability by offering dual credit through The University of Texas at Austin to promote a college-going culture. 



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    Eligible students may elect to enroll in an OnRamps course for a letter grade. If the student earns and accepts credit in the course, the grade will appear on the student's university transcript. OnRamps college credit earned for a letter grade of C- or above for courses with a Core Curriculum designation are required by law to transfer to any public higher education institution in the state of Texas. 



    Each college or university evaluates transfer credit based on its own policies, which vary by school, college, and institution. In order to determine how OnRamps courses will transfer, if they will apply to a major or degree program, and if the grade will factor into the GPA, students must contact the higher education institution they plan to attend.



    While parents may communicate with the high school teacher about students' high school grades, the college instructor of record may not communicate with parents regarding students' college grades. The college instructors of record will make every attempt to communicate with the student as this is an important maturation point for college students. Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), rights belong to the parents with respect to high school records and belong to the student with respect to postsecondary records—regardless of the student's age.


    For more information visit with your school counselor or the OnRamps website.