• How to Synchronize Mobile Device:
    1. To synchronize, from the Main menu, click Mobility > Windows Mobile/CE > Synchronize Mobile Device. The Mobile Device Communication Wizard opens with the Synchronize Mobile Device tab displayed:
    Sync With Mobile Device
    Synchronize Mobile Device first uploads any Asset Management transactions that have been performed on the mobile device (and any new Assets, Asset Types, Locations, Customers, etc.  That have been created on the PDA) since the last Synchronization, then overwrites the mobile database with a new database, using the filter criteria most recently specified in when you created the database for the current device.
    2. Click Next > to proceed. A status window will open on the screen. This windows displays the data transfer information. After the sync, you can review this window if there were any errors during the sync (the oldest information is at the bottom).
    Sync With Mobile Device
    3. Click the Finish button to close the Wasp Mobile Device Communications Wizard.