Process for Mounting Projectors:

    1.  Purchase all items necessary for mounting:   

    1.       15’M/F VGA Cable – Vendor: CDW Item# 1032895

    2.       ATEN2-Port VGA Video Splitter – CDW Item # 1283487

    3.       25’M/M VGA Cable – CDW Item # 465213

    4.       50’M/M VGA Cable* – CDW Item # 469144

    5.       TrippLite Gender Changer -  CDW Item # 810770

    6.       StarTech 90 Degree VGA Connector - CDW Item # 2102628

    7.       Projector Ceiling Mount** – Vendor: CDW Classroom Technology Equipment Bid

    2.  Call Maintenance to mount and run power to the ceiling mounted projector. After it is mounted they will notify I.T. to run the necessary cables.

    *   This cable connects the projector to the wall outlet. Most installations fall under 50’ in length.  For installations with high ceilings or longer distances to the desired outlet, a longer VGA cable will be needed.  Contact the I.T. department prior to ordering for installations of this type.

    **  If there is already a ceiling mount in place, there may not be a need to order the ceiling mount.  If a projector is being mounted to replace a previously mounted projector, please consult with I.T. for ordering needs.

    SmartboardMounting Process:

    ·        Call Maintenance and place a carpentry workorder to mount the Smartboards

    ·        USB cables and Power cables for the Smartboards can be connected by campus staff, Instructional Technology Specialist, or Computer Technicians

    ·        In some cases, USB extensions or Bluetooth adapters may be necessary if the Smartboard is over 16 Ft. away from the computer the teacher/staff member will use to operate Smartboard.  Please consult with I.T. for any connectivity problems.

    ·        Call the Help desk for installation of SMART Notebook Software