• Process for Setting Up WASP Mobile Database:
    1.       Connect the WASP hand held device with cables to computer and plug into wall power.
    Connect USB & Power Supply

    2.       Make sure the device is connected in Windows Mobile Device Center

    a.       Click on the icon on the desktop or type Windows Mobile Device center in the windows search bar and open the application
    Windows Mobile Device Center Icon
    b.      If asked to register Windows Mobile device center, then click the option that says “Don’t Register
    Don't Register
    c.       Check that the device shows to be connected

    d.      If this is the first time to connect the mobile for your windows user profile, the connection settings will have to be configured

                                                                   i.      Click on set up device

    1.       A box will pop-up and ask which items will be set for automatic synchronization, uncheck all boxes and then click Next
    Uncheck all Boxes
    2.       The device Id on the next screen should have the campus name and a number, which will match the unique device id of the handheld
    Device Name

    3.       Click Set Up, finish

    4.       Minimize the Windows Mobile Device Center Window

    3.       Create the Mobile Database in WASP

    a.       Do this step only once on the very first synchronization or in the event of database errors on the hand held device

    b.      Click on the MobileAsset Icon (WASP) on the desktop
    Mobile Asset
    c.       Login with username and password
    d.      Click on Mobility in the left panel after logging in
    e.      Expand the first option in the right panel, "Windows Mobile / CE"
    Expand First Option
    f.        Choose the second option, “Create Windows Mobile / CE Database
    Create Windows Mobile
                                                                   i.      Click "OK" to the warning pop-up
                                                                 ii.      In the pop-up box, choose the drop down field next to Site
                                                                iii.      Choose “Select Mulitiple” from the drop down menu
                                         Drop Down - Select Mulitiple
                                                               iv.      Find and highlight the site(s) needed and click "Select"
                                         Find and Highlight

                                                                 v.      Take the checkmark out of the box that says “send maintenance schedules…”

                                                               vi.      Put a check in the box that says “Refresh the entire mobile database…” 
                                         Refresh Mobile Database
                                 vii.  Click Next > to proceed.  The following message will beviii.  Click Yes to proceed.

    Create Datebase

                                      ix.  The following will be displayed when the filter set for creation of the
                                    mobile database has been recorded on the PC:
                               x.  Click the Next > button to proceed to the Synchronize Mobile Device