• Data Networking Systems


    Data Networking Systems (DNS) is responsible for ECISD’s electronic systems and connectivity.  We are responsible for  the phone, security, bell, sound (including campus intercoms), fire alarm and all video surveillance systems.  We run and maintain the cabling for all electronic and data systems. 

    ECISD is in the process of converging systems and networks. Our department is evaluating and moving the various electronic systems to the data network. Currently every system has its own specific cabling network (fire alarms, speakers, bell systems, etc. are all cabled and connected separately).


    ·         Install and maintain telephones and PBX systems, punch blocks and program cards.

    ·         Set clocks to sync over entire campus and work with intercom system for bell schedules.

    ·         Set up sound systems for campuses to have intercoms and grade level grouping.

    ·         Run data cable to BICSI professional standards

    ·         Responsible for troubleshooting the physical layer of network systems.

    ·         Troubleshooting security systems, adding & deleting zones.

    ·         Replace sensors, keypads, security panels and circuitry when needed.

    ·         Run cable for and install security cameras, video splitters and dvr’s.

    Replace poll stations, reset trouble codes, add/remove smoke sensors for fire systems.