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     What type of computer will I earn?

    v   Teachers earn a brand new Lenovo Thinkpad T420,160GB Solid State Drive (SSD), 14 inch screen, 4 GB RAM, 802.11n wireless card, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, VGA port, plus a carrying case.  The laptop is laser etched with the ECISD logo.

    v  Administrators earn a brand new Dell E6430S Latitude Laptop, 465 GB Hard Drive, 14 inch screen, 4 GBRAM, 802.11n wireless card, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, VGA port, HDMI Mini, plus a carrying case.

    What happens if I leave my campus?

    v  Laptop belongs to ECISD and is subject to the ECISD Acceptable Use Policy

    v  If you leave your campus, contact technology

    v  If you leave the district, the laptop must be turned into technology

    What happens if my laptop is damaged or has a virus?

    v  If the laptop is damaged,technology will evaluate the damage and determine liability

    Can I install software on my laptop?

    v  ECISD software is allowable for installation pending licensing compliance (personal software is not allowed or installation)

    Where can I find a list of courses available?

    v  Click here to go to Moodle to enroll in the Online courses

    o   You will need to login to Moodle using the same login as to your computer

    o   Under Technology, select FTLP Online Course

    o   Select the course you would like and enroll

    How many courses do I need to take?

    v  There are 7 courses you will need to take to earn the Foundation Teacher Laptop Proficiency PD Level.  The 7th course, Troubleshooting, must be completed last and has to be done Face-to-Face

    v  Courses can be completed in any order, except the Basic Technology Troubleshooting class, which must be taken last

    Where are the courses I have taken kept?

    v  The record of teacher’s courses will be kept and reviewed in Eduphoria Workshop

    v  Teachers keep up with which courses they have taken and which courses are needed

    v  Teachers select the days for training based on the courses needed

    Can I repeat a course and receive two credits?

    v  No, repeating a course doesn’t count twice, each course needs to be taken

    Can I arrive late or leave early?

    v  Teachers must attend the entire course, complete assessment and survey before you will be granted credit for the course

    v  If you leave early you will need to repeat the entire course (no partial credit is given)

    v  If you arrive late you will not be allowed to attend class. Classes must start on time. Early arrival is appreciated