• Ector College Prep is a public middle school serving grades 6-8, operated by Third Future Schools in collaboration with Ector County ISD.  Ector College Prep utilizes Third Future Schools’ instructional model which has historically proven to significantly narrow achievement gaps and raise student proficiency. The model is built on the understanding that the number one variable in raising student proficiency is improving the quality of everyday instruction. 

    Ector College Prep also differentiates itself from other middle school campuses by providing students with the unique opportunity to engage in widely diverse elective courses through their Dyad model, many of which are taught by expert industry partners in our community.

  • Mission

    Ector College Prep will create a high-performance culture and grow the capacity of staff to deliver personalized learning effectively to close achievement gaps and help students think critically and become active learners in their education.


    Third Future Schools prepares students for college and the modern workplace. Through personalized learning and a focus on critical thinking skills, our schools close achievement gaps and allow every student to reach her/his potential.

    How to know Ector is right for your child:

    • Your child wants to receive first class instruction.
    • Your child has a variety of interests.
    • Your child is creative, self-motivated, and self-disciplined.

    Unique ways your child can learn and grow here:

    • Technology-rich classrooms
    • Learning extension opportunities in all classes at all levels
    • Wide variety of electives and after-school supports

Ector College Prep

  • 432-456-0479

    PrincipalWelton Blaylock

    Grades Offered6th through 8th

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