• Mrs. Renteria, 5th Grade MCL and Mrs. Winchell, 4th Grade MCL



    Dear Cavazos Family, 

       Each year as a teacher, we are tasked to grow students’ data and we hope to do this by learning more about our students and their families. Over the years, we have found out that we learn as much or more from students as they do in our classroom.  At Cavazos, we have learned that we have caring, involved families that want more for our student’s education. This is exciting!   When we were presented with the Opportunity Culture, we began to learn that this is what our campus could use as a tool to reach more students with high impact learning.  How? Opportunity Culture is a way to: 

    1. Reach more students with excellent teachers and their teams.

    2. Pay teachers more for extending their reach.

    3. Fund pay within regular budgets.

    4. Provide protected in-school time and clarity about how to use it for planning, collaboration, and development.

    5. Match authority and accountability to each person’s responsibilities.


    This would look like a well-oiled machine with continuous moving parts. What that means is: for Opportunity Culture to succeed, multi-classroom leaders will be collaborating with grade level teachers to bolster efforts of excellence to impact data achievement and have a positive outcome on Cavazos as a whole. 


                                                                                      Mrs. Anna Garcia, MTRT - Kinder

                                                                                      Ms. Windy Quilodran, MTRT - Kinder

                                                                                      Mrs. Sylvia Ponce, MLC I - 2nd Grade                 
                                                                                      Ms. Daisy Zamarripa, MCL II - 3rd Grade

                                                                                      Mrs. Vanessa Martinez, MCL II - 4th Grade  

                                                                                      Mrs. Adriana Renteria, MCL II - 5th Grade