• Opportunity Culture is being used in hundreds of schools across the country to reach more students with excellent teaching and to provide educators with outstanding career opportunities. The cornerstone of an Opportunity Culture is small, supportive teaching teams led by high-performing teachers known as multi-classroom leaders. Our district has chosen to implement Opportunity Culture to provide equitable access to excellent instruction for all students, recruit and retain excellent teachers, and provide all teachers with excellent development and advanced career opportunities.
    The five Opportunity Culture Principles guide all decisions for the district and each school designs their Opportunity Culture plans:

    1. Reach more students with excellent teachers and their teams.
    2. Pay teachers more for extending their reach.
    3. Fund pay within regular budgets.
    4. Provide protected in-school time and clarity about how to use it for
    planning, collaboration, and development.
    5. Match authority and accountability to each person’s responsibilities.


    Cavazos Theory of Action (TOA):

    If we build strong, supportive, and adaptable teams through implementation of multi-classroom roles and structures school-wide, then it will empower students and teachers to create a more personalized support and define a shift in our overall school culture, leading to impactful, rigorous, student-centered academic outcomes.


    Opportunity Culture Team