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    Much research has been done on the cognitive development on students.  From this research, we know that asking students high level questions can help enhance their learning.
    Please note that these question starters are based on Bloom"s Taxonomy new terminology.

    Level I:  REMEMBER (Recall)


    1. What is …..?
    2. What happened after…..?
    3. Recall the facts.
    4. What were the characteristics of…?
    5. Which is true or false?
    6. How many…?
    7. Why did…?
    8. How would you recognize...?
    9. Describe the…
    10. Which one....?



    1. What can you infer from...?
    2. In your own words tell me what happened….?
    3. What can you predict about....?
    4. How are these ideas different?
    5. Explain what happened after....
    6. What are some examples?
    7. Can you provide a definition of…?
    8. How would you clarify.....?

    Level III:  APPLY  (applying without understanding is not effective)


    1. What is another instance of…?
    2. Demonstrate the way to …
    3. Which one is most like…?
    4. What questions would you ask?
    5. Which factors would you change?
    6. Could this have happened in…?  Why or why not?
    7. How would you organize these ideas?
    8. What would you manipulate to.....?



    1. What are the component parts of …?
    2. What steps are important in the process of …?
    3. If…then…
    4. What other conclusions can you reach about…that have not been mentioned?
    5. What ideas validate …
    6. The solution would be to …
    7. What is the relationship between …and …?


    Level V:  EVALUATE


    1. In your opinion…
    2. Appraise the chances for…
    3. Grade or rank the …
    4. What do you think should be the outcome?
    5. What solution do you favor and why?
    6. Which systems are best?  Worst?
    7. Rate the relative value of these ideas to …
    8. What would you conclude about.....?

    Level VI:  CREATE


    1. Can you design a …?
    2. Why not compose a song about…?
    3. Why don’t you devise your own way to …?
    4. Can you create new and unusual uses for…?
    5. Can you develop a proposal for …?
    6. How would you deal with…?
    7. Invent a scheme that would …
Last Modified on August 22, 2018