Major Repairs

  • ECISD operates 60 buildings and 31 of them are over 60 years old. The district contracted with an architecture firm to walk all facilities and conduct a full Facilities Condition Assessment, which is a comprehensive, systemic evaluation of existing buildings’ conditions. From the assessment, the firm created a facility conditions index (FCI) in 2017, updated it in 2018 and updated it again in October 2022. The assessment involves a visual examination of the interior and exterior of each site in order to assess conditions and anticipated remaining useful life of those buildings, sites, systems and component systems. It is broken down into 4 areas of prioritization.


    The 2023 Bond Committee recommended the school board address the Priority 1 and Priority 2 areas, identified as such by the architecture firm, in this bond proposal.


    Priority 1 maintenance/repairs - $51 million

    Priority 1 projects are legal, life safety and/or critical infrastructure replacements or program projects. The remaining life expectancy for these projects is the next 1-to-2 years.

    One example of a Priority 1 project is the complete replacement of the water distribution system (plumbing) throughout an entire campus.

    A complete list of the proposed projects for every campus can be found at 


    Priority 2 maintenance/repairs - $79 million

    Priority 2 projects are system repairs and replacements and/or curricular, instructional or program requests. The remaining life expectancy for these projects is the next 3-to-5 years.

    Examples of Priority 2 projects are replacement of electrical transformers and electric panels, and replacements of above ground sanitary waste and vent system throughout an entire campus.

    A complete list of the proposed projects for every campus can be found at 


    View the list of all Priority 1 & 2 projects HERE



    In all, ECISD operates 60 facilities

    Average age of ECISD educational facilities is 52 years old

    4 schools are between 21-40 years old

    6 schools are between 41-60 years old

    25 schools are between 61-80 years old

    1 school is 86 years old


    ECISD’s annual maintenance budget includes work on capital projects like the ones listed in the facilities report but also repairs that arise during the school year. It is estimated it would take 30 years to address all of the items in the facilities reports, if they are limited to dollars available in the regular, annual maintenance budget.

    List of capital projects and repairs over the last 10 years

    Since the 2017 Facilities Condition Assessment, ECISD has completed:

    Roof replacements

    HVAC replacements

    Installations and upgrades of Energy Management Controls

    Security fencing at select sites

    LED lighting updates

    Landscape enhancements

    During the 2022 fall semester, the district hired a firm to conduct voter research. The survey of 1,000 respondents was done via phone (400 registered voters) and internet (600 randomly selected voter households). Some of the survey’s results:

    • 43% have a positive impression of ECISD; 44% have a negative impression of ECISD
    • 53% say ECISD needs more schools and classrooms
    • 35% say the condition of school buildings is good; 40% say condition is fair; 10% say condition is poor
    • 68% favor a bond to upgrade and repair aging school buildings
    • 64% favor a bond to upgrade technology infrastructure
    • 62% favor a bond for new schools and expansion to alleviate overcrowding
    • 59% favor a bond for a state-of-the-art CTE center
    • Reactions of parents placed the most importance on accommodating growth and relieving overcrowded schools
    • Reaction of non-parents placed the most importance on maintenance & repair of aging school buildings