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    SIP Program Teachers:
    Blackshear:  Haydee Davila,Cindy Gonzalez
    Reagan:  Eliseo Gomez,Cheryl Hinesly, Christina Sifuentez
    Ireland:   Sandra Elms, Barbara Digby, Johnny Saldivar
    Hays:  Deborah Johnson, Penny Arnold,  
    Johnson: Vanessa Brower
    Austin: Hope Gomez
    Buice: Johnna Rosson
    Milam: Claudia Richards
    Jordan: Laura Ramirez
    Alamo:  Jacque Carrillo 
    Fly:    Mayra Alvarez, Eva Garza, Sylvia Feil
    Cameron:   Rosalita Garcia
    Dowling:  Donna Allen, Leticia Clark  
    The Scholars In Progress (SIP) Program is designed to stretch the G/T students' thinking skills.

    Through the use of interdisciplinary curriculum, the SIP students are challenged to develop their own questions and problem solving techniques.

    The ancient civilizations of Pre-Columbian, Egypt, China, Greece and Rome as well as the Medieval, Rennaisance and Industrial Revolution Eras serve as curriculum background to develop scholarly study skills. They use this information to identify the origins, contributions, points of convergence, paradoxes and parallel issues in our civilization.

    These young apprentice scholars learn to look at new concepts through the eyes of disciplinarians and scholars of the ages as they ponder generalizations and unanswered questions. They seek to understand the rules, ethical issues, trends, patterns and specific language used by various experts.

    As the children learn to thirst for knowledge, they begin to set goals that help them excercise their intellects.

    Our SIP students are encouraged to pursue independent projects through research and civic endeavors.

    Campus Participation
    Children from all 28 ECISD elementary schools participate in the SIP Program on 13 elementary campuses. Specialized teachers on each of these campuses serve the children one day a week. Transportation is provided through the transportation system. The SIP Program teachers are listed below with the SIP campus
    Mrs. Digby, Mrs. Elms, Mr. Saldivar- IRELAND ELEMENTARY
    Mrs.Sifuentez, Mr. Gomez, Mrs. Hinesly - REAGAN MAGNET
    Mrs. Johnson,Ms. Arnold -  HAYS MAGNET
    Mrs.Gonzalez, Mrs. Davila, - BLACKSHEAR MAGNET 
    Ms. Richards - MILAM ELEMENTARY
    Mrs. Ramirez - JORDAN ELEMENTARY
    Ms.Alvarez, Mrs. Garza, Ms. Feil - FLY ELEMENTARY
    Mrs. Carrillo - ALAMO ELEMENTARY
    Mrs. Rosalita  - CAMERON ELEMENTARY 
    Ms. Allen, Ms.Clark - DOWLING ELEMENTARY

    G/T Identification
    Scholars In Progress students are the ECISD elementary students who exhibit outstanding academic potential and qualify for the advanced program. They have been nominated by a teacher, parent, friend or self; have applied during our annual G/T application period; and have been screened and met the criteria for gifted students.

    Kindergarten screening begins in the fall of each year. Applications are sent home in October with each kindergarten child to inform the parents of the criteria and the timeline for applications and screening. Once identified for the G/T program, their services begin on March 1st of their kindergarten year. They are served within their current kindergarten classroom.

    Students in grades 1 through 5 receive applications in September of each year. Upon completion of the screening process for these students, the parents are notified and services begin the following fall.

    Please visit our identification calendar link for current information on SIP activities and application processes.

    Camp SIP
    Camp SIP: This G/T CAMP is an annual two-week technology camp for gifted and talented students having completed grades 1-4 currently being served in the Scholars In Progress program in ECISD. Camp is held during the month of June at an ECISD school. Applications for camp are available right after spring break each year from the SIP program teachers or the AAS Department. Call Mrs. Loera at 432-456-8819 for more information.

    Chess for Champions Tournament
    Annually during the month of April, the ECISD SIP students gather for a battle of the brains. These children challenge others their age from every elementary campus in ECISD.
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