• Ector County Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (RDSPD)
    Sign Hands

    Coordinated Through the Ector County Independent School District, Odessa, Texas
    Providing educational services for deaf and hard of hearing students from Ector County ISD and nearby districts through shared services agreements.
    Our RDSPD Program Serves Students:
    • Birth to 22 years of age
    • With hearing impairment that significantly impacts the development of language and/or performance in school
    • From more than 15 school districts in West Texas, including:
                Andrews ISD
                Big Spring ISD 
                Coahoma ISD
                Crane ISD
                Ector County (Fiscal Agent)  
                Forsan ISD 
                Fort Stockton ISD 
                Glasscock ISD
                Grady ISD 
                Greenwood ISD 
                Iraan-Sheffield IS 
                Kermit ISD 
                McCamey ISD 
                Midland ISD       
                Monahans-Wickett-Pyote ISD 
                Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD 
                Rankin ISD 
                Reagan County ISD 
                Stanton ISD 
                other Region 18 districts as needed
    Highly Specialized Staff
    Our Regional Day School staff includes a variety of specialists knowledgeable in educating students with hearing losses.

    Our staff includes:
    • Certified Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing
    • Certified Sign Langauge Interpreters
    • A Speech Therapist, Diagnostician and Supervisor experienced in serving hearing impaired students
    • Teaching Assistants

    Some audiological services are provided through contracts with local licensed audiologists.

    Transportation is provided by local school districts.
    Providing A Variety of Services:
    • Parent /Infant Advisor provides in-home training and support for parents of young deaf children from birth until three years of age.
    • A pre-school program for three to five year old hearing impaired students.
    • Sign language classes are offered for parents, staff and the community annually.
    Wide Range of Classroom Services
    • Many students are mainstreamed into regular classes with or without interpreters, as needed.
    • Special small classes with certified teachers of the deaf, from pre-school through high school, are common.
    • Students take a combination of special deaf education classes and general education classes as appropriate.
    Communication Philosophy
    The communication needs for each child are determined by the Admission/Review/Dismissal (ARD) committee based on assessment. Students are provided access to communication and are helped to reach their potential through:
    • Intensive language development
    • Speech therapy
    • Use of amplification and auditory training
    • Use of sign language as needed (Signing Exact English is used)
    Referral Process
    • Referral is usually by home district
    • Hearing impaired infants are also referred by the Texas Early Childhood Intervention Agency, pediatricians,hospitals, audiologists, family members and others.
    • Students are assessed by the home district prior to enrollemt. The RDSPD can assist with this assessment as needed.
    • Students are assessed in depth every three years after enrollment in the program.

    Coordination with Other Agencies

    Our program works closely with other agencies including:
    Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services
    Early Childhood Intervention
    Texas Education Agency, Division of the Deaf
    Permian Basin Rehabilitation Services
    Health Care Professionals
    Education Service Center Region 18
    Other Region 18 School Districts


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    Disorders Association

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    To Contact Us
    Ector County Regional Day School Program for the Deaf
    Ector County ISD
    PO Box 3912
    Odessa, TX., 79760
    Dr. Tracy Canter, Executive Director of Special Education, Ector County ISD
    Rakia Musa, Director, Ector County RDSPD

    Phone: 432-456-1919
    Fax:     432-456-8718


Last Modified on September 22, 2017