ECISD Calendar Survey 2021-22 (Public)

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 ECISD Calendar Survey 2021-22 

  Here you will find the three proposed calendars our Calendar Committee drafted for the 2021-22 school year. The central purpose for any school calendar is to maximize instructional time for our students, and give them as many days as possible with their teachers. For grades Pre-K through 5, 6th grade and 9th grade, we are choosing the maximum number of days, 180, for instruction. Students in 7th and 8th grades, and 10th through 12th grades will have two fewer school days (178) at the beginning of the year. This is to allow our middle schools and high schools to transition-in those students who are moving up – the 6th graders and the 9th graders. Traditionally, our students have struggled academically in these grade levels as they make that transition to a new, bigger campus. This will allow them two days to become more comfortable and confident in the new setting. We have also chosen to take Early Release Days at regular intervals. They are marked by gold boxes. These are half-days of school, half-days of professional development. This gives our school staffs dedicated time to learn and plan together during the school year – not just in that week before school starts in August. Parents, please make note of this as it will require planning for child care/supervision on those afternoons. Outside of that, you will notice these calendars are very similar to those we have had in the past. Teachers return in early August for professional development; students return the week after that; schools are closed for the full week of Thanksgiving, for two weeks at Christmas, and for a week of Spring Break; there are two Bad Weather Make-up days in the spring semester as required by law; and the school year ends before the Memorial Day holiday. Another note, by utilizing 180 days for elementary students (PreK through 5th) we can access state funding for an additional 30 days of optional summer instruction in June and July, something that will greatly impact our students who need that additional learning and support. We want to thank the members of the Calendar Committee for their time and their hard work in building these calendars. We also want to thank you for your continued support of your students, our teachers and our school district. Please take just a few minutes to look over these options and give us your feedback.
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