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2023 Accountability Manual

The TEA Accountability Manual provides information on the Texas A-F accountability system, including the components of the system and how each component is calculated.  The Manual also provides information on the areas that schools and school districts are rated on, how to appeal those ratings, and actions required as a result of the ratings.   


To access the 2023 Accountability Manual in its entirety, as well as by chapter, click here.  You will also find a Summary of Changes document that outlines the changes made from the preliminary manual to the final version. 


Note the following from the To-the-Administrator-Addressed (TAA) notice on October 31, 2023: “The issuance of A-F ratings under this final rule is pending and subject to change based on judicial rulings or decisions from the 88th Legislature during a special called session." To read the official communication from TEA with additional information regarding the release of the 2023 Accountability Manual, click here. 

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