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Strategic Planning

The Ector County ISD (ECISD) Strategic Plan is a five-year plan developed by a team of school district leaders, campus leaders, teachers, students, parents, a wide array of community members, and the ECISD Board of Trustees.  The Strategic Plan includes the district's Vision, Mission, Board Goals, and Strategic Themes:

Vision: OUR students...THE future

Mission: “Believing our students are the future, the mission of Ector County ISD is to inspire and challenge every student to be prepared for success and to be adaptable in an ever-changing society.”

Board Goals:

1) The percentage of students achieving or exceeding the "meets" standard on state assessments will increase from 32% to 60% by May 2024 across all tested content areas.

2) The percentage of 3rd grade students reading at or above grade level will increase from 35% to 45% by May 2024.

3) The percentage of high school graduates considered College, Career or Military Ready will increase from 56% to 65% by May 2024.

Strategic Themes: Foundational Excellence, Talent Development, and Learning Journey

The Indicators of Success measure the district's progress on the Board Goals as detailed in the Strategic Plan.  The Indicators of Success align the Strategic Themes to the Board Goals, and illustrate the #IMPACT of the district's work on student outcomes.

The ECISD District Improvement Plan provides a detailed road map for success, including a Needs Assessment, Priority Problem Statements, Root Causes, historical Student Data summaries, and detailed strategies along with documentation of progress for each strategy.