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Students & Parents

AVID Students

As an AVID student, you must commit to a challenging and rigorous curriculum. This college track will help you excel in your academics with the support of AVID, making college an attainable goal. As an AVID student, you will: 

  • Take individual responsibility for your own success.
  • Want to succeed.
  • Believe you can succeed.
  • Exhibit positive attitudes toward yourself and others.
  • Be open to new experiences in all phases of the program.
  • Want to become an independent learner.
  • Come to class prepared.
  • Serve as a role model for other students.
  • Share your work for improving it.
  • Be willing to study in groups.
  • Keep your parents informed of your progress.
  • Become involved in campus activities.


AVID Parents

As an AVID parent, there are things you can do to support your child’s academic success. As an AVID parent, you will:

  • Talk to your student about their goals for the future.
  • Support the academic goals of your student.
  • Show interest in your student’s schoolwork.
  • Provide your student a time and place to study. 
  • Be insistent and supportive that your student completes homework assignments.
  • Stay in communication with their teachers.
  • Celebrate their academic growth.