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New Middle School

New Middle School

A new middle school would be approximately 170,000 square feet and serve 1,000 students. Projected construction costs would run between 63-and-75 million dollars. These are projected construction costs for 2024 and beyond when construction of the campus would actually begin. In addition, land would need to be purchased as would furniture and equipment for the school. Officials estimate the complete cost of building and outfitting the school with furniture, fixtures and equipment would be $120 million.

Trustees have stated they want this new middle school to be located in west Ector County.

Currently, all of the middle schools are located in the city, inside of Loop 338, while the areas of fastest student growth are in the northeast and west parts of Ector County. Students who live in the Gardendale area must travel to Wilson & Young, while students who live in west Odessa are mostly zoned to Crockett and Bowie.

Concept Art

Middle School classrooms concept art