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Blackshear Health & Fitness Elementary

At Blackshear Elementary, teachers offer a traditional school day followed by an extended day program centered around the Health and Wellness of our students.

Students participate in unique fitness focused classroom lessons as well as a number of health and wellness activities such as Kickball, Basketball, Dance, Hula Hoop, Health through Drumming, Dance and many more!

Our students love the opportunity to end their day by engaging in activities which put a smile on their faces and get the heart pumping!

 How to know Blackshear is right for your child:

  • Your child wants to join a team of individuals who support each other and collaborate in multiple activities.
  • Your child is invested in both academic and physical growth.
  • Your child has a special interest in dance, team sports, or other physical activities.

Unique ways your child can learn and grow here:

  • Rigorous educational environment focused on higher-order thinking skills
  • Opportunity to engage in activities that allow for personal growth, enrichment, and self-fulfillment
  • Unique program of both academic and physical activity which builds a foundation for a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle

Blackshear Health & Fitness Elementary


PrincipalValerie Rivera

Grades OfferedK through 5th grade