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STEM Academy at UTPB

The STEM Academy is an innovative public, open-enrollment charter school currently located on the UTPB campus. The STEM Academy’s founders began with the intent to ease the transition barriers between high school and post-secondary education and to prepare STEM college and STEM career-ready students. The STEM Academy is dedicated to implementing the newest and most promising practices in education with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The foundational belief is that learning should be both engaging and social. Students work collaboratively on challenging curriculum, which, in turn, enables students to experience engaging learning opportunities in order to develop conceptual knowledge and depth through project-based learning (PBL).

Research shows that this type of engaged problem-solving results in a better understanding of concepts and improves cognitive development at all ages. Students learn 21st century skills like communication, research, collaboration, and problem-solving, which are deeply embedded into the PBL environment of the Academy. Teachers work together to design projects lasting usually 3-4 weeks. The projects are designed using the state standards, TEKS and CCMRS, which provide students with the opportunity to not only learn the information required at each grade level but to also be able to put the information into action through real-life simulated projects.


The STEM Academy prepares students to be STEM college and career ready, with a shared focus on collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking.

How to know the STEM Academy is right for your child:

  • Your student is interested in exploring and learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
  • Your student enjoys collaborative and authentic learning experiences.
  • Your student is college focused and willing to be challenged academically.

Unique ways your child can learn and grow here:

  • Small learning environment
  • Technology-enhanced curriculum
  • Cultivating 21st century learning skills of collaboration, creativity, communication, problem solving, and critical thinking


Executive Director Shannon Davidson

Grades Offered - K through 12th