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Data Privacy

Data Privacy Policy

Ector County ISD has acted to ensure that all student data is secured and in compliance with all state and federal legislation. Through process and compliance standards, our goal is to exceed the requirements placed upon the district for how to defend the privacy of our students. This is accomplished through a process of continuous improvements to security practices. The district employs the principle of least privilege and role-based security to ensure data is accessible only to those with legitimate educational purpose. Security processes are reviewed at least annually to ensure they remain relevant in an ever-changing technology landscape.  

  • Trusted Learning Environment Seal Program – The CoSN Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal Program is the nation’s only data privacy framework designed for school systems and focuses on building an environment of trust and transparency. TLE was developed by CoSN in collaboration with 28 school system leaders nationwide and with support from AASA, The School Superintendents Association, the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) and ASCD. School systems that meet the program’s requirements will receive the TLE Seal, signifying their commitment to student data privacy and their community. TLE Seal recipients also commit to continuous examination and demonstrable advancement of their privacy practices.  
  • The district is currently working to receive the TLE Seal from COSN 
  • Texas Cybersecurity Framework – The Texas Cybersecurity Framework is a self-assessment to determine cybersecurity risk. While local governments and K-12 organizations are not required to submit a Cybersecurity Plan to the State, using this framework helps to align security goals and practices with other government entities and institutions of Higher Education across the State of Texas. 

ECISD also uses data to support a variety of processes throughout the district, including supporting student learning, evaluating teachers, improving instructional and operational practices, and complying with state and federal requirements. For more information on who uses student data and in what form, see this infographic

ECISD uses many applications to encourage learning through innovation. See this page Student Data Privacy Consortium - ECISD for more information on approved applications. For more information on how ECISD chooses new Digital Resources, check out our Staff Resources.