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Facilities Rental

Facilities Rental

Ector County Independent School District welcomes the use of District facilities by outside organizations/groups. However, such use of District facilities shall not be permitted when it interferes with the educational programs of any campus or District-scheduled activities - including facility maintenance and/or repair projects.

Ector County ISD is a tax-supported, non-profit organization established to serve the students and youth residing within the boundaries of the District. Therefore, tiers have been created to differentiate among the various organizations/groups (such as non-profit youth sports, for-profit organizations and civic groups, etc.) and the fees which each is charged.

Facility Rental Procedure

All requests for the use of district facilities by non-school and school-support organizations should be submitted online. The specific school on-site Administrator is responsible for determining the availability of a requested facility. Operations Support Services and Financial Services are responsible for securing any needed custodial and security staff, calculating and collecting any applicable rental fees, and ensuring the execution of a rental contract.

Required Information

Organizations interested in renting a district facility must submit an online request at least twenty (10) work days in advance of the date of request on Requests received with less than 10 work days for processing may not be accepted.

Please be aware that your request may be delayed if forms are not filled out properly and required documents are not uploaded as requested.

If you have any questions about the rental process, please contact (Ratliff Rentals) Sarah Subia 432-456-9050 (all other rentals) Sable Corrales 432-456-9659.