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Texas Scholars

The Texas Scholars program is a workforce development program sponsored by the Odessa Chamber of Commerce, The Ector County Independent School District, and Ector County businesses and non-profits for 9th through 12th grade students. Community service hours are required to encourage students to expand their awareness of community needs and civic responsibilities. The objective is for student to gain adult insight by beginning to recognize and accept personal responsibility in meeting needs in Odessa and Ector County. Volunteering helps develop teamwork and communication skills, builds networking opportunities, and provides a sense of achievement and appreciation.

To become a Texas Scholar, a student must be

  • In grades 9th-12th

  • Maintain a 2.75 grade point average

  • Complete the Recommended High School or Distinguished Achievement Program

  • Submit Community Service Forms to the Texas Scholar Campus Coordinator by April 10th

    • OR EMAIL FORMS TO the Texas Scholar Campus Coordinator or

  • Volunteer a minimum of 50 hours of community service by April 10th of their Senior year.

Minimum requirements for community service hours are as followed:

  • 9th Grade- Minimum of 5 Hours

  • 10th Grade- Minimum of 10 Hours

  • 11th Grade- Minimum of 15 Hours

  • 12th Grade- Minimum of 20 Hours

Students may submit hours to make up for the hour requirements not met in previous years, but must accumulate the minimum amount of hours required each school year.

The DEADLINE to turn in your Texas Scholar hours in order to receive credit is APRIL 10th. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Seniors who successfully complete the requirements for Texas Scholars are awarded special recognition and are eligible for a scholarship at Odessa College or UTPB.

Follow this link to the Texas Scholar Form and the Texas Scholar Approved Agency List: Texas Scholars