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Mission Statement

ECISD counselors will provide a comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program that provides a delivery of prevention, intervention and support services that enable all ECISD students to become productive and successful learners in our schools and in our communities. 

Our Program

We are dedicated to providing students, parents and staff with a comprehensive Guidance and Counseling program, as required by the Texas Legislature.  We provide all four components of the Guidance and Counseling program: 

Guidance Curriculum

Provides guidance content to teach all students how to develop transferable skills for daily living.  

Responsive Services

Addresses students’ concerns that impact their educational, career, personal, and social development.  

Individual Planning

Assist students in planning and managing their individual educational, career, personal, and social development.  

System Support

Indirect student services of program management, support activities beneficial to students, and program accountability activities.  

Professional School Counselors hold a Master's Degree in counseling or a related field and certification from the State Board of Education.  Please call the school counselor or the Guidance and Counseling Department for any questions regarding counseling services. Every ECISD campus has at least one full-time school counselor, with the exception of Burleson, Downing, Hays, Pease, and San Jacinto.

Contact Us

Taylor Roy

Director of Guidance and Counseling


Rico Enriquez

Director of CCMR and Post-Secondary Education


Liz Gray

Coordinator of Social-Emotional Learning


Diane Sollis

Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of Guidance, Counseling, and Wellness


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