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Human Growth & Development

Human Growth & Development Programs 

The Life Center(TLC)

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The Life Center is a non-profit, faith-based, alternative to abortion organization advocating sexual wellness through three areas of outreach:
Teaching about sexual risks helps through pregnancy, healing for restoration. The goal of the Prevention Education Department is to partner with parents and guardians in educating on the topic of sexual risk avoidance. Each Prevention Specialist goes through extensive training in order to effectively teach students in grades 4 – 12 in an age-appropriate manner per the TEA guidelines. In addition, all programs are written using evidence from the CDC and other factually based information. Our goal is to equip students with valuable information and practical tools to make positive decisions for their physical, emotional, and mental health. Topics discussed include goal and boundary-setting, relational health, bullying, online/internet safety, risks of pornography, hygiene, puberty, sexually transmitted infections, and fertilization. In the 4th – 6th grade programs the foundation is laid for students to begin considering how their choices may impact multiple areas of their life. Younger students are also taught the importance of personal hygiene and what will happen as they mature through puberty. It is not until 6th grade that students are introduced to the topic of sex and the corresponding risks. Once students are in 7th – 12th grades the foundational topics of goals and boundary-setting are reinforced while students are also introduced to topics such as the dangers of pornography use, infections, and pregnancy. Students are encouraged throughout to consider why sexual abstinence is the best choice in order to avoid unexpected outcomes and focus on their goals.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC)

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Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/Gyn) in cooperation with Life Center presents the 7th Grade with a well-rounded reproductive education experience.  The TTUHSC-OB/GYN speaks more to address the science portion.  TTUHSC-OB/Gyn’s share includes an Abstinence-Plus type course taught in the second week of a three-week course.  Abstinence is 80% or more of the message, with different types of contraception discussed as well.  The first class is aimed at reproductive anatomy and a medical description of the reproductive process.  Our third classes with the seventh grade include sexually transmitted infections and how to prevent them.  We use sections of the Big Decisions curriculum to guide our teaching. TTUHSC OB/Gyn teaches only one course per day for 10th grade students.  The course is the same as described above, only using abbreviated delivery times.  We have also added a section on using the internet to find information responsibly. We use a volunteer facilitator team to deliver the classes.  All volunteers attend an annual orientation and have some medical background.