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Policy & Procedures


School Board Policies are the Board's rules for the successful and efficient governance of the Ector County Independent School District.  The Localized Policy Manual contains two types of policies: legally referenced policies (LEGAL) and local policies (LOCAL), both of which are reviewed by the Board before they become part of the manual.  Legally referenced policies recite state or federal laws or regulations and other sources of legal authority.  Legal policies are not adopted by the Board of Trustees.  Local policies that are preceded by a legal policy in the same code generally expand on, or qualify, directives or options provided by law.  Other local policies stand alone, reflecting the decisions or the Board regarding the educational needs of students and the priorities and values of the community.  Local policies are adopted by the Board of Trustees.


Exhibits are pages with forms and notices that may be used by the district.  While not formally adopted by the Board, they are included to assist in the implementation of policy.   Exhibits have the designation (EXHIBIT) directly below the policy code in the upper right hand corner.


Ector County ISD chooses to supplement some of its policies with regulations to assist in the implementation of policy.  The Superintendent and administrative staff shall be responsible for developing and enforcing regulations for the operation of the district.  Regulations must be consistent with Board policy and law and shall be designed to promote the achievement of District goals and objectives. All administrative regulations shall be under the direction of the superintendent; variations from defined regulations shall be with the prior approval of the superintendent.  Administrative regulations are subject to Board review but shall not be adopted by the Board.  Regulations will be approved, reviewed and revised as policy changes or circumstances warrant.

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