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Autism Resources

Autism Resources

In-Home and Community-Based Training 

The purpose of In-Home and Community-based training is to assist students with the maintenance and generalization of social/behavioral skills from school to home, home to school, home to community and school to community.   

Parent/Family Training and Support  

Parent/Family training and support provides a family with skills necessary for a child to succeed in the home/community setting.  This is accomplished through parent support groups, workshops, videos, conferences and materials designed to increase parent knowledge of specific teaching/management techniques.

These services should be discussed at the annual ARD meeting.  However, if you feel this service is needed prior to or after the annual ARD, please discuss it with your child's teacher. 

We are also available to discuss any concerns you have as well.


Melana Moss

Autism Specialist/In-home Trainer


Amanda Vesely

Autism Specialist/In-home Trainer

(432) 456-0299