Mission Statement

  • The ECISD Children's Center staff are dedicated in providing quality care in a safe and loving learning environment. We will provide opportunities for each child to learn by the use of their fine and gross motor skills, and senses. We will focus on the process of learning through age appropriate curriculum and materials. We will provide learning opportunities for math, science and reading as we strive to develop each child mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.
    The ECISD Emergency Child Care Center is working in conjunction with ECISD Children's Center to provide childcare to our healthcare workers and other employees as they are identified and space allows. The facility is temporary and will end once school restarts following COVID-19 closure or within 60 days. The ECISD Emergency Child Care Center serves children PK4-16.  The ECISD Children's Center serves newborn through 5 years of age not currently enrolled in a PK program.

Application Process

  • Enrollment paperwork must be completed before the child is officially enrolled. The following will need to be returned to the Children's Center before the child's first day.

Useful Documentation

Hours of Operation

  • The center is open Monday through Friday, 6:30 AM-7:30 PM. We are located at 1201 Clifford Street


  • The center is providing free services to children of parents working in the medical field.