• Scholars In Progress
    First - Fifth Grade Gifted and Talented
    Reagan Magnet School
    Heather Bland
    GT Crew
    "Every child should have the chance to be exceptional without exception."
    - Dr. Joseph Renzulli
    Hi, my name is Heather Bland. I am one of the GT program teachers at Reagan Magnet School. I am a graduate of Texas Tech University with a degree in Multidisciplinary Studies. I am also a proud graduate of the University of Connecticut with a masters degree in Educational Psychology with a Gifted and Talented emphasis. I was very fortunate to take classes at the National Research Center on Gifted and Talented where I learned from many of the leading researchers and professors in gifted education. I was able to gain in depth knowledge about serving students for special programs  to develop their individual gifts and talents. I believe all students can benefit from engaging,  enjoyable, and challenging learning opportunities. .I am passionate about learning and love to share that passion with my students.

     If you ever have a question about our program or want to learn about enrichment teaching, please contact me at the school or email me at heather.bland@ectorcountyisd.org.
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