• The Odessa High Dance Department is made up of about 200 OHS students. Dance classes on the levels of 1,2,3, and 4 are offered here at OHS. This is Ms. Bode's second year to be teaching level 1 dance classes and this is Mrs. Bell's first year at OHS and to be teaching levels 1-4. The course schedules of both dance teachers are listed below:
                                            Ms. Bode:                                         Mrs. Bell:
    1st period                         Dance 1                                        Showgirls/ Band
    2nd period                        Dance 1                                            Dance 1
    3rd period                         Dance 1                                         Dance 2,3,4
    4th period                          Lunch                                                Lunch
    5th period                         Dance 1                                          Conference
    6th period                         Dance 1                                         Dance 2,3,4
    7th period                         Speech                                            Dance 2,3
    8th period                      Conference                                         Showgirls
    If you have any questions or need to reach Ms. Bode or Mrs. Bell, feel free to contact them by either phone or email:
    Bode:                                                                                 Bell:
    chelsea.bode@ectorcountyisd.org                                    janelle.midkiff@ectorcountyisd.org
    432-456-5272                                                                    432-456-2128
Last Modified on February 11, 2014