• Mrs. Debbie Gibbs Boyd                                              

     Room 621
    The AP Macro Exam is at Noon on May 10th.  
    Reviews are Tuesday 5/2 from 10-12
    Wednesday 5/3 from 10-12
    During Launch every day
    During Lunch every day
    Contact me on my email;  Debbie.Gibbs@ectorcountyisd.org. or through the Parent Portal 
    Conference Period: 8th
    If you need to come in for tutorials I am available during 4th period, 8th period.  If you need to make up a test or corrections you are able to come in during other class periods.  
                                   0      Period   7:35- 8:25  AP/IB Macroeconomic
                                  1st    Period   8:35- 9:25  Economics
                                  2nd   Period   9:30-10:20 Personal Finance Literacy
                                  3rd    Period 10:25-10:55 Launch- Review for AP Test on Wed. and Thursday, Personal Finance M,T,F
                                  4th    Period 11:00-11:50 Lunch - Tutorials
                                  5th    Period 11:55- 12:45 AP Macroeconomics
                                  6th    Period   12:50-1:40 AP Macroeconomics
                                  7th    Period   1:45- 2:35 AP Macroeconomics
                                  8th    Period   2:40- 3:30 Conference  room  618 and CT on Thursday's                               
     Scarce resources to meet unlimited wants and needs forces choices and always causes opportunity cost.  You only have so many hours, make sure that you can afford the opportunity cost of missing a class or not doing the work.
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