•    Welcome students of Odessa High School.  Let me introduce myself.  This will be my 24th  year with ECISD, this being my 10th year at Odessa High School.  I graduated Angelo State University with a Bachelors of  Science in Animal Science with a  minor in Biology and Chemistry.  Prior to teaching I worked  as a Research Technician for Texas A&M Extension and Research Stations in both San Angelo and Beeville Texas.  I spent several years working on a ranch in the Marfa/Fort Davis area, assisting in the management of a Gelbveih cattle herd.  I believe working outdoors and with researchers has enabled me to look at the big picture of our  environment and have a better understanding of both our land and aquatic ecosystems.
      I will be teaching 4 sections of Environmental Systems. This course will study Ecology and our environment. Environmental issues past and present will be studied. The aim of this course is to increase students knowledge of the environmental challenges of today, while continuing to cultivate sceintific critical thinking skills.  
      I will also be teaching 2 sections of Aquatic Science.  This course should provide an interesting look at our Ocean environment and the life it provides along with the hisotry of Oceanography and Marine Life and the technical advances we have made in research and studying our oceans and sea life.  
      Environmental Systems and Aquatic Science will be taught in Room 313 in the  Science building. I encourage students to communicate with me any concerns, questions about the topics studied and their academic progress , please make arrangements or see me after school Monday-Thursday from 4:30-5:00.  I can be reached via email: frank.sablan@ectorcountyisd.org  
    1st Period- Environmental Systems
    2nd Period- Environmental Systems
    3rd Period-Lunch
    4th Period- Conference
    5th Period- Environmental Systems
    6th Period- Aquatic Science
    7th Period-  Launch class/study hall
    8th Period-  Environmental Systems
    9th Period- Aquatic Science
    Lets have a GREAT year Bronchos!
Last Modified on August 17, 2018