If you have been issued a Chromebook or laptop from Permian High School/ECISD,

    you must return it to Permian by Friday, May 28th at 5:00pm. 

    ALL Students must return their device, charger, and case (if issued)

    The device and charger must be in working order. 

    If any damage has occurred to the device or charger,

    or the device or charger has been lost or damaged beyond repair,

    there will be fees assessed for repairs and replacement.

    The cost for each are as follows:

      Non-Functioning Chromebook device replacement cost - $125.00
        Damaged Screen - $50.00
        Damaged Keyboard - $50.00
        Lost/Damaged Power Cord - $50.00

    You may pay for damages and lost devices with:
    Money Order
    Checks made out to Ector County ISD.

    Students will not be able to check out another device until all fees for a damaged device are paid.


    We will begin taking devices as soon as students have completed their last final exam.


    If a student has completed all course work that required the use of

    an electronic device, they may return the device to the school library.

    Parents wanting a receipent that the device was returned may have one printed upon request.


    If you have any questions, please contact

    the Permian High School Library


    432-456-5282 or 432-456-5840.

    School phone number:  432-456-0039


    Thank you & GO MOJO!