Gifted and Talented


"ECISD Advanced Academic Services provides a GT Program Teacher Ms. Kelley Raborn to serve 3rd-4th grade identified gifted students in a weekly pull-out program. 1st and 2nd graders who are identified as gifted are served through an inclusion program in their regular classrooms. All identified gifted students in grades 1-5 are clustered in their regular classroom for optimal grouping according to TEA state law. Kindergarten students are universally screened for identification as gifted by March 1st according to state law and are then served in their regular classroom for the remainder of the year. Gifted Inclusion services are supported by the campus GT Specialist, Ms. Vanessa Brower, who also provides pullout services weekly for gifted-identified 5th-grade students as a part of her candidacy for the National Board Teacher Certification Program. Ms. Brower also provides after-school enrichment Honors eSports and Honors Chess Club campus-wide."