Tim Gilley
    Classrooms K-10, M-15, V-7, M-13
     Tim Gilley, PHS Latin teacher
    Foreign Language Department
    This is my 24th year teaching Latin at Permian.  I graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Latin in 1994.  I have been teaching at Permian ever since.
    Permian Phone:  456-2239
    Why Study Latin?

    Improved English!

    Latin is immensely helpful for English vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing. 60-70% of English words come from Latin roots. 90% of English words with 3 or more syllables come from Latin! The main benefit of Latin study is building English vocabulary skills. From every Latin word your son or daughter learns, they will learn several English words that come from it.

    Professional Terminology!

    Latin is the root language of most medical and scientific terminology. Latin is the best language to study if you are going into medicine, pharmacy, nursing, law, government, theology, biology and other sciences. Latin is the root language of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

    Brain Training!

    Latin develops thinking skills like logic and problem solving. To read Latin, you must find all the connections and arrange the ideas in the right order. This kind of logic and problem solving is useful in all parts of education and life. Learning is making connections. “Latin is the mother tongue of Western civilization. The original thinkers in the ancient world were the Greeks and the Hebrews, but it was the Romans that summarized, synthesized, codified, and handed it down to us—in Latin” (used by permission).

    Improved Test Scores!

    Latin has been shown to benefit students on the required end-of-course exams in high school more than other languages. Latin has been shown to improve scores of the SAT college entrance exam more than other languages. English grammar, reading and writing are emphasized and practiced every day in Latin class. We also now have AP Latin at Permian. Want to impress college entrance officials? Show the Latin AP test on your college entrance application.


    We also do many fun activities in Latin. We learn Roman history and culture along with the language. We go to the Texas State Junior Classical League conventions in such cities as Houston and San Antonio. We have Latin Club, eat Italian food, wear togas, and get a page in the yearbook. We even go on trips to Italy!

    Mr. Gilley's Schedule 2017-2018
    Room  K - 10
    1st period  8:35 - 9:24  Latin I    room K-10

    2nd            9:30 - 10:19

     American Sign Language Room V-7
    3rd            10:25 - 111:14  Latin I Room M-15
    4th            11:20 - 12:09 Latin II Room M-13
    5th            12:15 - 1:04 Latin III/IV  M-13
    6th            1:10- 1:59 Lunch
    7th            2:05 - 2:34  Home Room  M-13
    8th            2:40- 3:29 Conf
     9th           3:35 - 4:25  Latin I   M-13
                      Before School 8:00-8:35  by appointment
                      After School 4:30 - 5:00   Mon. - Thur.
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