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    1. You can find us on Facebook by doing a search for "Bonham MS Orchestra" and selecting the thumbs up symbol. This is a good way to stay informed on upcoming events and anything else pertaining to the orchestra program. We also put calendar events on our facebook page that when you RSVP to them (if it will allow you), it should sync to your mobile calendar of choice depending on your settings.
    2. We also have an Twitter Page that we use for the same purpose as the Facebook page. To find us on Twitter, search for "Bonham MS Orchestra" and select "follow".
    3. To sign up to receive text message reminders (using the Remind app), text the following codes to the number "81010".
              A. Beginner Orchestra (1st Period) - @bonhambe
              B. Honor Orchestra (2nd Period) - @bonhamhon
              C. Advanced Orchestra (4th Period) - @bonhamadv
              D. Intermediate Orchestra (6th Period) - @bonhamin
    4. For our Honor Orchestra, we have sectionals every morning before school from 7:30am to 8:25am. Each section meets one day a week for an hour. To receive text message reminders for upcoming sectionals, text the following codes to the number "81010" for the sectional you want reminders from. The sectional you sign up for depends on what instrument your son/daughter plays.
             A. Mondays (violin) - @mondaysect
             B. Tuesdays (viola) - @k9958
             C. Wednesdays (cello/bass) - @e28g8
    (see Mr. Roberson's profile for daily schedule, contact info, and tutorial times)
    (More info and pictures to be posted throughout the schol year)
    2016-2017 All-City Orchestra 
    All City Orchestra Students with clinician Mrs. McAfee 
    Congratulations to the students who made and played in the All-City Orchestra
     All City Orchestra Members with Mrs. Pool and Ms. C
    You can listen to the recordings of each piece here!


    Mr. Roberson





Last Modified on August 15, 2017